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Study says body cameras don't always change police behavior

22 October, by Jon Fingas[ —]
In theory, body cameras are supposed to not only catch police abuses of power, but deter them: officers will be on their best behavior knowing that they could be hauled in. As Washington, DC researchers have learned, though, that isnt guaranteed....

What we're watching: 'Raw' and 'Feast of Fiction'

22 October, by Richard Lawler[ —]
Welcome back to Video IRL, where several of our editors talk about what theyve been watching in their spare time. This month were kicking things off with some seasonally-appropriate horror fare, that you can catch right away on Netflix or Amazon Pr...

LG's OLED TVs now pack loss-free 3D audio

21 October, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Theres a dirty secret to listening to Dolby Atmos sound on LGs current OLED TVs: all the audio is compressed, so youre losing a little fidelity for the sake of immersive 3D sound. You wont have to make that sacrifice before long. LG is trotting...

New York City ordered to share code for DNA evidence software

21 October, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Many attempts to open up access to software in the justice system have fallen flat. Advocates in New York, however, have just scored a significant victory. A federal judge has publicly unsealed the source code for DNA analysis software previously u...

Twitter explains why it takes time to roll out new safety rules

21 October, by Mariella Moon[ —]
Twitter has been trying to stamp out harassment, violence and abuse on its platform for years, but its nowhere near achieving that goal. Since its administrators regularly get a lot of flak for not moving fast enough to make the website safer, Twitt...

New Twitch tools help you become a pro streamer

21 October, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Many Twitch streamers dream of turning pro, but getting there is a fuzzy process. How do you know youve made it and can apply to become an affiliate or partner? And how do you make a big deal out of staple events like channel raids and new viewe...

The best devices and apps to up your selfie game

21 October, by Cherlynn Low[ —]
The first time a stranger on the train told me I had a nice smile, I didnt believe her. Back then, I hadnt yet had my crooked teeth fixed, and my self-esteem wasnt anywhere as high as it is today. I was an ugly kid, and it took a shocking number o...

How Microsoft embraced 'messy’ creativity with Windows Ink

21 October, by Devindra Hardawar[ —]
Windows Ink isnt Microsofts first stab at bringing stylus support to PCs -- that would be Windows XP Tablet Edition -- but it is the companys most successful. It made stylus support a core part of Windows 10, and its a big reason youre seeing so...

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

21 October, by Richard Lawler[ —]
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend. Well recap this weeks news highlights, plus big stories from Friday like Project Loon-distributed internet going live in Puerto Rico.

Google's annual report shows more web traffic is encrypted

21 October, by Richard Lawler[ —]
For several years now, Google has been exerting pressure to increase the usage of HTTPS across the internet. By defaulting to secure connections on both ends, users can be protected from anyone who may intercept or even manipulate data as it flows ba...

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