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Facebook won’t release data on political ads to researchers

26 June, by Mallory Locklear[ —]
While many political scientists are itching to get their hands on data documenting how political ads on Facebook performed, the company says it wont be releasing that information. Facebook says it doesnt differentiate between political and commerci...

Here's what Nintendo needs to do to make the SNES Classic great 

26 June, by Sean Buckley[ —]
Before Nintendo unveiled the Switch, its new hybrid game console, to the world, it re-released an old one. The NES Classic Edition was an adorably small box of nostalgia packed with some of the best games for Nintendos original home console. Now, th...

Google gives students interactive tools for STEM and internet safety

26 June, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Google launched a new browser-based Google Earth this past April, adding educational tools to make it easier for teachers to show the world off to students without having to leave the classroom. The company also collaborated with the BBC to create a...

Amazon is turning every Echo device into an intercom

26 June, by Devindra Hardawar[ —]
If youve got multiple Amazon Echo devices throughout your home, youll soon be able to use them as a connected intercom. Amazon just launched the feature today across the original Echo, Echo Dot and its new screen-toting Echo Show. We heard last mon...

Google officially kills Gchat in favor of Hangouts

26 June, by David Lumb[ —]
Google Talk, also known as Gchat, has officially been put out to pasture and replaced with Hangouts. The tech giant has been threatening to do so since March, so youve only yourself to blame for holding on to an internet messaging services from days...

iOS 11 preview: Full of promise, especially on bigger screens

26 June, by Chris Velazco[ —]
As always, Apple spent a considerable chunk of WWDC earlier this month hyping up iOS 11 and all of the new features it brings. Now its your turn to take them for a spin. The first public release of the iOS 11 beta goes live today for people particip...

Nintendo swears the SNES Classic won't sell out so quickly

26 June, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Nintendos sales strategy for the NES Classic Edition was frustrating, to put it mildly. It shipped so few systems that they sold out almost immediately, and killed the product despite loads of pent-up demand. Will it learn from its mistakes now th...

Samsung Pay finally works with your Discover card

26 June, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Samsung Pay was supposed to work with Discover cards in 2016 (it was announced in 2015), but the year came and went without support. And thats no small problem if you like tap-to-pay purchases. While Discover isnt the biggest name in the credit bus...

Sony crowdsources ideas for its next PlayStation TV series

26 June, by Daniel Cooper[ —]
Living in televisions golden age means that every company wants to film their own hour-long prestige drama for us all to obsess over. Sony is no different, although attempts to turn PlayStation into a Netflix-esque platform fizzled after Powers was...

Russia threatens to ban Telegram if it doesn’t hand over data

26 June, by Mallory Locklear[ —]
Russias communications regulator has demanded Telegram turn over information about the messaging app and the company behind it or risk being blocked. Founder Pavel Durov said that Telegram had also been asked to give the Russian government access to...

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