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'Shinobi Striker' makes 'Naruto' a serious online fighter

23 August, by Nick Summers[ —]
Naruto is in a strange place right now. The long-running manga series ended in early 2015, before its anime adaptation wrapped up in March this year. The spiky-haired ninja saved the world and achieved his dream of becoming the Hokage, or rather the...

Google search uses a medical quiz to help diagnose depression

23 August, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Only half of Americans who face depression get help for it, and Google is determined to increase that percentage. As of today, its offering a medically validated, anonymous screening questionnaire for clinical depression if you search for informati...

Facebook will livestream 15 upcoming college football games 

23 August, by David Lumb[ —]
Facebook secured exclusive rights to livestream college football games during the upcoming season, starting with a pair of games on September 2nd. Users worldwide need only visit the sports network Stadiums Facebook page to watch the matches, or the...

Danny Glover is advising Airbnb's diversity efforts

23 August, by Timothy J. Seppala[ —]
When he isnt busy raising awareness for pseudobulbar affect (PBA) and generally being too old for shit, actor Danny Glover will be advising Airbnb. Its part of the push the short-term rental company is making to promote staying in communities of co...

Pre-register for 'Monument Valley 2' on Google Play

23 August, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
The sequel to the mind-bending, gorgeous puzzler Monument Valley has been available for iOS since June; it was announced at Apples developer conference, WWDC. Now Android users get to experience the MC Escher-inspired mobile game. Well, almost. Monu...

Watch Hulu's live TV service on your Mac or PC

23 August, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Its been a month since Hulu added its live television service to the Amazon Fire TV and only a day after the company announced Xbox 360 compatibility for its subscribers. Now the company that Disney, Fox, NBC and Time Warner owns is putting its subs...

Samsung says it's building an Echo-like smart speaker

23 August, by Jon Fingas[ —]
Samsung is spilling the beans on more than just its smartwatch plans in the wake of its Galaxy Note 8 event. In an interview with CNBC, mobile division chief DJ Koh has confirmed that his company is working on a smart speaker. Hes shy on details,...

Catch up on Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 news in 10 minutes

23 August, by Billy Steele[ —]
The Galaxy Note 8 wasnt exactly a well-kept secret, but Samsung officially revealed the supersized handset earlier today. If you missed the announcement live, dont worry: Weve got you covered. We chopped down todays event to a much shorter clip,...

Snapchat will feature original scripted shows by end of year

23 August, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Snapchat has jumped into television in a big way, with NBCs twice-daily news show, CNNs newscast, a CBS-led James Corden variety show and even MTVs Cribs crowding in to connect with Snapchat users. Now the photo messaging app is set to move into t...

Samsung's new Gear VR is built for the big Galaxy Note 8

23 August, by Steve Dent[ —]
Thanks to its tie-in with Oculus, Samsungs Gear VR has had the most content and arguably the best image quality of any mobile virtual reality headset since it launched. It has improved ever since, and the model unveiled with the Galaxy S8 finally in...

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