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US Army and Navy unban Twitch commenter who criticized the military

8 August, by Mariella Moon[ —]
The US Army and Navy have agreed to unban Jordan Uhl, the activist who linked to a Wikipedia page listing US military war crimes in their Twitch chats. After the incident, Uhl wrote an article criticizing the military for using Twitch to scout for po...

Snag 'Quake' for free this weekend in the Bethesda Launcher

8 August, by Richard Lawler[ —]
Like so many events, QuakeCon 2020 is happening entirely online, but whether or not you’re participating, you can get a few treats this weekend. In the Bethesda Launcher you can get a free copy of the original Quake, while The Elder Scrolls Online is...

Fossil's Gen 5 Wear OS smartwatches are about to get a major update

8 August, by Richard Lawler[ —]
The Wear OS-powered Gen 5 touchscreen smartwatches Fossil rolled out last year are about to get some upgrades. Their phone apps include avatars for contacts and quick access to key tools, as well as new battery modes that include custom profiles for...

Facebook repeatedly overruled fact checkers in favor of conservatives

8 August, by Karissa Bell[ —]
Facebook has repeatedly overruled its own fact checkers in order to help conservative pages avoid punishment for spreading misinformation. That’s according to leaked documents reported by NBC News, which found evidence that employees regularly interv...

HBO Max is making a series based on the One Perfect Shot Twitter account

7 August, by Igor Bonifacic[ —]
Cinema buffs have something to look forward to from HBO Max. The streaming service is adapting popular Twitter account One Perfect Shot, which shares some of the most iconic compositions in film history, into a documentary series.Each 30-minute episo...

ESPN+ will be $1/month more expensive for new subscribers

7 August, by Kris Holt[ —]
ESPN+ is getting a price increase, but only for new subscribers. Starting August 12th, the monthly plan will cost $5.99, up from $4.99. If you’ve been on the fence, it might not be a bad idea to sign up before then, because ESPN+ doesn’t plan to incr...

The Mate 40 will feature Huawei's final high-end Kirin processor

7 August, by Igor Bonifacic[ —]
When the Mate 40 comes out later this year, it will be the last Huawei phone to feature one of its own high-end Kirin processors. Richard Yu, the CEO of Huaweis consumer business, shared the news during a speech he made at the 2020 Summit of the Chi...

We shot this video about the new iMac on the iMac's upgraded webcam

7 August, by Dana Wollman[ —]
A few days ago Apple announced a new and improved 27-inch iMac. Not a new design and no ARM chips under the hood — just a series of CPU, GPU, camera and audio upgrades, with more generous storage and memory options. All told, it’s too minor of an upd...

'Last of Us Part II' designer breaks down the game's detailed sound effects

7 August, by Jon Fingas[ —]
The Last of Us Part II is defined as much by the intensity of its sounds as its gameplay, and it’s now clear just how much effort Naughty Dog put into those effects. Sound designer Beau Anthony Jimenez and SoundWorks Collection have shared a video (v...

Hulu's annual ad-supported plan can save you $12 a year

7 August, by Kris Holt[ —]
If you’re willing to sign up for Hulu for an entire year and don’t mind seeing some ads, you can save some cash with the annual plan the service just revealed. You can get 12 months of service for the cost of 10, but only on the ad-supported plan. It...

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