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Karma's latest supercar concept boasts neck-snapping power

19 novembre, par Roberto Baldwin[ —]
Karma builds very fancy, very sleek luxury cars. The Revero GTS and SC2 concept vehicles unveiled at the LA Auto Show are no different. Both cars seem like the type of vehicle a crime-fighting billionaire would drive on their day off.

Kickstarter wants projects to be more transparent about their budget

19 novembre, par Christine Fisher[ —]
Crowdfunding is great in theory, but many projects fail to meet their fundraising goals, end up asking for more money or fall apart entirely. In an attempt to help creators avoid those fates, Kickstarter is launching a new tool called Project Budget.

Washington, DC sues DoorDash for allegedly misleading users about tips

19 novembre, par Jon Fingas[ —]
DoorDashs change in tipping policy has come too late to avoid legal repercussions. The District of Columbia Attorney General has sued DoorDash over claims it not only stiffed couriers (aka Dashers) through its tipping practices, but misled customer...

'Death Stranding' and 'Control' lead Game Awards nominees

19 novembre, par Kris Holt[ —]
The Game Awards takes place in less than a month and voting is now open after Geoff Keighley announced the nominees. Hideo Kojimas sprawling epic Death Stranding leads the pack with nine nominations, including game of the year, game direction, score...

Google Assistant’s latest feature is a personalized audio news feed

19 novembre, par Igor Bonifacic[ —]
Starting today, you can ask Google Assistant to "play me to the news" and itll create a curated playlist of audio news stories. The feature, called Your News Update, is available on any phone or smart speaker with access to Google Assistant. Each up...

Arturia’s V Collection 7 plug-in synth suite is $200 off for Black Friday

19 novembre, par Marc DeAngelis[ —]
Arturia creates some of the best plug-in versions of vintage synthesizers; users get authentic new wave and classic rock sounds without filling an entire room with keyboards. Musicians who want to recreate the sounds of decades past can get at least...

The League adds video speed dating to help users find better matches

19 novembre, par Igor Bonifacic[ —]
When it comes to dating apps, swiping has taken over. Whether its Tinder or OkCupid, most dating apps have defaulted to the gesture as the de facto way for people to express their interest in someone else. And for a lot of people, its one of the ma...

‘Roblox’ wants you to build ‘Star Wars’ speeder to celebrate ‘Rise of Skywalker’

19 novembre, par Daniel Cooper[ —]
Theres a new Star Wars film coming out soon, and Roblox is partnering with Disney to enable players to build their own in-universe vehicles. The Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge tasks you with building your own customized drift speeder and race a...

Xiaomi is adding early earthquake warnings to MIUI phones in China

19 novembre, par Igor Bonifacic[ —]
Xiaomi smartphone and set-top box owners in China will soon have access to potentially life-saving early earthquake warnings right on their devices. At its annual Mi Developer conference in Bejing, the Chinese electronics company said its MIUI 11-bas...

NVIDIA's RTX Studio driver speeds up ray-traced V-Ray rendering

19 novembre, par Steve Dent[ —]
When you see a particularly shiny, photorealistic 3D scene, theres a good chance it was created on Autodesks 3DS Max or Maya using Chaos Groups V-Ray renderer. It can take a long time for workstations to crunch through V-Ray scenes, however, so NV...

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