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Are you an advanced learner of English? Really advanced? Then these podcasts are for you. They offer challenging listening opportunities and (...)
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X02 - Where are the fireworks?

—- New Year’s Special —- Hear how people in Canada, Ireland, the USA and UK see in the New Year. There’s talk of socials, resolutions, firecrackers… (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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X01 - Chimney, Front Door or Window?

—- Christmas Special —- After we received feedback asking for longer RoPeCast episodes, we thought the forthcoming holidays were the right occasion (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode http://ropecast.podspot.de/files/RoPeCast_-_X01_Christmas_Special.mp3

6. Not all balls are round

When people in many parts of the world speak of the “World Cup”, they are probably referring to the game of soccer, but rugby also has its World (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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5. Football is not always soccer

Do you know how many types of football there are in the world? There may be no definitive answer, but we’ll deal with 3 major sports: American (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode http://ropecast.podspot.de/files/RoPeCast_-_5th_Episode.mp3

4. Kissing guys and telling lies

Mondegreens are misheard song lyrics and they range from the amusing to the mind-boggling. This RoPeCast manages to bring together Jimi Hendrix (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode http://ropecast.podspot.de/files/RoPeCast_-_4th_Episode.mp3

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