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The New York Times pop music critics discuss the latest albums and music events of the week.
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How Zev Love X Became MF Doom

Conversations about the legacy of the beloved rap figure’s early career, which set the table for the artist he would become. Guests: Stretch (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/chtbl.com/track/8DB4DB/pdst.fm/e/nyt.simplecastaudio.com/9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552/episodes/4d2cc088-d499-40be-9e28-d0ba409e00c0/audio/128/default.mp3?aid=rss_feed&awCollectionId=9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552&awEpisodeId=4d2cc088-d499-40be-9e28-d0ba409e00c0&feed=W1rB_kgL

2020 Popcast Listener Mailbag: Taylor, Dua, MGK and More

Answering your questions about the year’s biggest stars, and also some of its curious flops. Guests: Joe Coscarelli and Caryn (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/chtbl.com/track/8DB4DB/pdst.fm/e/nyt.simplecastaudio.com/9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552/episodes/aef75903-8ec7-491d-ba13-4c68c1831913/audio/128/default.mp3?aid=rss_feed&awCollectionId=9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552&awEpisodeId=aef75903-8ec7-491d-ba13-4c68c1831913&feed=W1rB_kgL

Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore’: Let’s Discuss

A second album written and recorded during pandemic lockdown carries the singer and songwriter further from conventional pop. Guests: Joe (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/chtbl.com/track/8DB4DB/pdst.fm/e/nyt.simplecastaudio.com/9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552/episodes/e02503a4-d78c-4429-b6f2-5c2ac7fc71f9/audio/128/default.mp3?aid=rss_feed&awCollectionId=9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552&awEpisodeId=e02503a4-d78c-4429-b6f2-5c2ac7fc71f9&feed=W1rB_kgL

Popcast: Caetano Veloso

Mr. Veloso, the great Brazilian singer and songwriter, discusses current events in his country.

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/chtbl.com/track/8DB4DB/pdst.fm/e/nyt.simplecastaudio.com/9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552/episodes/0ded4a64-7a6a-4d3a-8c09-58586886e918/audio/128/default.mp3?aid=rss_feed&awCollectionId=9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552&awEpisodeId=0ded4a64-7a6a-4d3a-8c09-58586886e918&feed=W1rB_kgL

Popcast:Country Music Agitators

New York Times music critics discuss Sturgill Simpson and Merle Haggard.

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/chtbl.com/track/8DB4DB/pdst.fm/e/nyt.simplecastaudio.com/9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552/episodes/b10c4d60-27f0-469c-8f25-178bb2432871/audio/128/default.mp3?aid=rss_feed&awCollectionId=9257fd86-22fe-4866-89a9-12c73a57a552&awEpisodeId=b10c4d60-27f0-469c-8f25-178bb2432871&feed=W1rB_kgL

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