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The Fat One is back and taking RUINATION to new levels. Special guests on The Gaze segment, listener submissions on Good, Gosh & Gay and (...)
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BFO3172 – Bed Pan

The Fat One closes out the week with LOTS of nattering, a review of his day in Fat Acres and a recipe! Happy National Ramen Noodle (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
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BFO3171 – The Three Cs

The Fat One is back with a natterfest about poop and his day in Fat Acres. Plus there’s a dream story and something BRAND NEW! Happy National (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
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BFO3170 – I Gasped!

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One kicks off April with a recap of his week, some voiceletters, an Ask Big Fatty question and some nattering about quiz (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
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BFO3169 – Magic Chef

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One recaps his day in Fat Acres and then just natters to himself. Happy Oranges and Lemons (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
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BFO3168 – Gassy Acres

The Fat One kicks off the last days of March with a recap of his weekend and then he shows you how easy, eventually, it is to complete the 2020 (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
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