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UK Government Set To Clip All Pay Checks

The British government is planning to hold everyone’s pay check so they can deduct taxes from it. Nobody except the banks think this is a good (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
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Anti Austerity Protests Increase in Europe

Anti austerity protests continue to increase both in numbers and in severity. In this program you will learn exactly what austerity is and how it (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
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Why Yemen?

We see in the news an increase in terrorist attacks coming from Yemen. Why have the globalists selected Yemen as the latest stage for such (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
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Amnesty and Dream Act

Chat room interview with Delilah. Illegal immigration, amnesty and the dream act. Both parties are guilty on immigration reform and how American (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
  • play episode https://billcreata.podOmatic.com/nofollow/2008-08-26T06_18_47-07_00.mp3

Goldman Sachs in Trouble

Goldman Sachs is being investigated by the United States Senate and has been charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission. (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
  • play episode https://billcreata.podOmatic.com/nofollow/2010-04-26T19_38_24-07_00.mp3

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