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Pulling Out Of Car Ownership

Is car ownership going the way of the horse and buggy? We'll look at how ride sharing and driverless cars are turning the way we (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://play.podtrac.com/npr-510053/npr.mc.tritondigital.com/ONPOINT_PODCAST/media/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/510053/534137965/npr_534137965.mp3?orgId=1&d=2820&p=510053&story=534137965&t=podcast&e=534137965&ft=pod&f=510053

Week In The News: Health Care Reveal, GOP Victories, Philando Castile

Curtain's up on the Republican Senate health care bill. The GOP scores in Georgia. Dashcam video of the Philando Castile shooting. Otto Warmbier (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://play.podtrac.com/npr-510053/npr.mc.tritondigital.com/ONPOINT_PODCAST/media/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/510053/534130713/npr_534130713.mp3?orgId=1&d=2827&p=510053&story=534130713&t=podcast&e=534130713&ft=pod&f=510053

Can Startups Share Their Big City Success?

The unaffordable urban paradise. Richard Florida says that startups are now tearing cities apart.

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://play.podtrac.com/npr-510053/npr.mc.tritondigital.com/ONPOINT_PODCAST/media/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/510053/533979163/npr_533979163.mp3?orgId=1&d=2849&p=510053&story=533979163&t=podcast&e=533979163&ft=pod&f=510053

Impacts And Infrastructure In Extreme Heat

Commuter planes that can't fly. Door handles too hot to touch. The heat dome crushing the southwestern U.S. This week puts other heatwaves to (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://play.podtrac.com/npr-510053/npr.mc.tritondigital.com/ONPOINT_PODCAST/media/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/510053/533974961/npr_533974961.mp3?orgId=1&d=2874&p=510053&story=533974961&t=podcast&e=533974961&ft=pod&f=510053

Hoarding The American Dream

The top 20 percent of this country, not just the top one percenters, is leaving everyone else behind. We'll talk with the author of "Dream (...)

  • Category: Web TECH
  • play episode https://play.podtrac.com/npr-510053/npr.mc.tritondigital.com/ONPOINT_PODCAST/media/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/510053/533833140/npr_533833140.mp3?orgId=1&d=2880&p=510053&story=533833140&t=podcast&e=533833140&ft=pod&f=510053

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