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Messages preached at CIG Wien by P. Robert Prokop
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Blessed are the Meek (Matt. 5)

Meekness is the crown of spirituality. Its reward of inheriting the earth extends infinitely further than the earth we know. When we see the new (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
  • play episode http://serving.joyfully.at/display/resources/mp3/20051130_BlessedaretheMeekMatt5.mp3

Blessed are They Who Mourn (Matt. 5)

God promises abundant grace to the humble and mourning is a part of humility. Blessed are they who mourn for they will be (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
  • play episode http://serving.joyfully.at/display/resources/mp3/20051123_BlessedareTheyWhoMourn.mp3

Blessed are the Merciful (Matt. 5)

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Question: Can a prosecuting attorney be merciful and still do his job? What does it mean (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
  • play episode http://serving.joyfully.at/display/resources/mp3/20051214_BlessedaretheMerciful.mp3

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God Someday everybody will see the Lord with their own eyes (Rev. 1:7) but there is a special (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
  • play episode http://serving.joyfully.at/display/resources/mp3/20051221Blessedarethepureinheart.mp3

Blessed are the Peacemakers (Matt. 5)

Peacemakers shall be called the Sons of God. We are so much like God when we bring an end to strife. Hear an encouraging message on the (...)

  • Category: PEOPLE
  • play episode http://serving.joyfully.at/display/resources/mp3/20051228BlessedarethePeacemakers.mp3

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