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Systm is the Do It Yourself show designed for the common geek who wants to quickly and easily learn how to dive into the latest and hottest tech (...)
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Cheap and Easy Hard Drive Upgrade

More storage and a performance boost? Upgrade your hard drive without having to re-install anything!

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Three Portable USB Battery Packs You Can Build

In today's episode, we're going to help you build three USB battery power supplies so you never run out of power for your favorite (...)

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Video Jukebox Part 2: Build Your Movie Server

Now that you've got your movies encoded, we show you how to distribute them over your home network.

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Stream Your Video and Music Anywhere!

Set up a personal media server, it's easy, and you'll have access to your favorite tunes and movies no matter where you (...)

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Easy Flash Drive Boot: Run Windows Or Ubuntu On Any PC!

Security, safety, ease of repair, USB Flash Drives are more than just storage, they're a great way to run your safe copy Linux or Windows on (...)

  • Category: VIDEO
  • play episode http://videos.revision3.com/revision3/web/systm/0089/systm--0089--usbbooting2--large.h264.mp4

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