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30 June


  • 23:09
    Thousands of protesters gathered at Syntagma Square in Athens on Tuesday, rallying in support of a pro-European Union "Yes" vote in this Sunday's referendum on budget and reform proposals The European Commission has blocked Greece's access to $8.1 billion of bailout funds until the country agrees to financial reforms including raising its retirement age and raising taxes on hotel stays. On Sunday, Greeks will vote on whether to accept the reforms or not Pro "YES" rally in front of parliament shouting "Yes! Yes!" #Greece #Greferendum pic.twitter.com/4BiohPIBEL — Nick Barnets (...) -- Default, Greece, Us World, Referendum, Austerity
  • 23:08
    Take a deep breath everyone. Ready? Okay. After 10 years of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are officially breaking up. The couple confirmed their divorce in a statement to People on Tuesday: "After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce," they said. "We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time. This will be our only comment on this private, family matter. Thank you for understanding." [seeealso (...) -- Entertainment, Conversations, Watercooler, Sad
  • 23:02
    Apple Music isn't the only new music software coming straight out of Cupertino Tuesday. Apple just released an updated version of its music creation software GarageBand The update adds a suite of new mixing tools and sound effects to the desktop app. The update is focused on adding more sounds and effects to accommodate wider variety of music styles, particularly electronic dance music and hip hop See also: 6 Music Mixing Apps to Help You Be Your Own DJ The app's Drummer feature, for example, has 10 new EDM and hip hop-themed beats (you can listen to some of them here). Previously, the (...) -- Apple, Tech, Garageband, Os X, Apps Software
  • 23:00
    Hillary Clinton is bringing you more mason jars, dessert porn and a brighter future for America. The former secretary of state and current 2016 presidential candidate has expanded her social media presence to include several Pinterest boards that any avid Pinners will want to nofollow immediately. Not only for board-worthy updates from the Clinton camp, but also, you know, recipes for baked goods. See also: Remember 'Stacy's Mom'? Well, now there's a Hillary Clinton parody Image: Pinterest At the time of writing, Hillary had just more than 1,500 nofollowers on her seven boards, which are (...) -- Politics, Funny, Hillary Clinton, Pinterest, Watercooler
  • 22:45
    If you ignore that pulsing, throbbing pain in your head long enough, it'll go away eventually — right? While it's hopefully just a small headache, a migraine is usually recurring and severe enough to make you feel nauseous or sensitive to light. If left untreated, migraines can last for up to 72 hours Migraines are diagnosed by how often they occur and for how long. There is no absolute cure because its pathophysiology, or what causes it to occur, has yet to be fully understood. But you can treat the symptoms and help prevent them with some lifestyle changes — after consulting with your (...) -- Health, Technology, Lifestyle, Health Fitness, Work Play
  • 22:35
    The Play J Ice Cream truck has been making the rounds in the Soho area of New York City, selling ice cream cones shaped like (you guessed it) the letter J. The ice cream is stuffed into a crunchy hook-shaped cone, and ends up looking ... well, somewhat ostentatious See also: NYC ice cream parlor offers Kanye West-inspired desserts Today, we will be at 10 Hanover sq. till 4 and move to St. Marks!! #playj #Playjscream #jscream #icecream #icecreamtruck #dessert #FiDi A photo posted by Play J (ⓐplayjscream) on May 15, 2015 at 9:43am PDT Play-J co-owners Chulho Kang and Rich Kion have (...) -- Ice Cream, Food Trucks, Watercooler, Conversations, Desserts
  • 22:27
    Though the Justice Department has already issued a handful of reports on the fatal August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a new report slated to be released later this summer will reportedly offer analysis of law enforcement during protests spurned by Brown's death. A summary of the report obtained by the St. Louis Dispatch heavily criticized police response to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer, calling police actions "vague and arbitrary" and suggesting the behavior violated protesters' First Amendment rights See also: Here's the DOJ report on racism (...) -- Justice Department, Us World, Ferguson, Michael Brown
  • 22:26
    Tyler Perry's TV series The Haves and the Have-Nots rolled out a branded video keyboard app on Tuesday that will let viewers message one another short snippets of show highlights or sneak previews of upcoming episodes along with a set of themed emoticons, gifs and stickers Snaps, the startup behind the promotion, claims the platform is the first of its kind to incorporate video. An imagined conversation between show fans. The goal of the experiment is to get the show's social media-driven audience buzzing about moments from the show on platforms beyond just tweets and Facebook posts, (...) -- Business, Advertising, Tyler Perry, Oprah Network
  • 22:13
    Bing, at one time the Internet's favorite punchline, no longer sounds like such a joke Six years after Microsoft launched Bing and lost billions of dollars in a long-shot attempt to take on Google, Microsoft appears to be nearing a significant milestone: the Bing search engine is no longer bleeding cash Rik van der Kooi, a VP at Microsoft handling advertiser and publisher solutions, teased the newfound viability of the Bing division during an interview with Marketing Land this week. “It's a multibillion dollar business, and it does pay for itself right now,” he said That remark was (...) -- Google, Microsoft, Bing
  • 22:13
    Apple just launched its ambitious new streaming service, marking a huge departure from the company's old approach to music. But the pages and interfaces within Apple Music can be confusing. It claims to be not only a music streaming app, but also a full fledged radio station, social media network and music curator. Transitioning to Apple Music could be disorienting for those not familiar with existing services like Spotify or Rdio See also: Can you use Apple Music's family plan to share a subscription with friends? If you need help making the jump, here's the easiest way to sign up and (...) -- Apple, Music, Tech, Apps Software, Mobile
  • 22:04
    Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie officially entered the 2016 race for president Tuesday, bringing his party's tally of contenders to a total of 14. Christie, who is known for his tell-it-like-it-is style, should make for a colorful addition to the expanding field of candidates. Especially if his remarks through the years, which Mashable has rounded up below, are any indication. See also: Jersey boy Chris Christie becomes GOP candidate No. 14 Owning it On Don Imus' morning show, responding to political campaign ads by former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine criticizing Christie's (...) -- Quotes, Politics, New Jersey, Us World, Chris Christie
  • 22:04
    Greece has officially said that it won't pay back the money it owes to the International Monetary Fund by the midnight deadline, and the pressure and scare of a financial crisis is setting in Though Greece has made its piece with a default, Greek leaders are still scrambling to contain the fallout as their banks sustain themselves on a dwindling lifeline. The first order of business: buying more time. Greek leaders put forward a last-ditch proposal for a two year bailout plan from the eurozone's European Stability Mechanism, which EU leaders will discuss on Tuesday night. And Greece's (...) -- Default, European Union, Business, Imf, Greek Crisis
  • 21:38
    Apple Music's family share plan offers unlimited streaming for up to six people for $14.99 a month, which is a tempting offer — considering it's only $5 more than the $9.99 single-person subscription But it might not be right for you. See also: Apple Music first look: It's all about curation, curation, curation Family Sharing in Apple Music is an extension of the Family Sharing feature that debuted with iOS 8 last year. This feature lets families have up to six Apple IDs linked up to one credit card, so purchases in iTunes, iBooks and the App Store can all be shared without having to (...) -- Music, Apple, Tech, Apps Software, Mobile
  • 21:35
    As Amy Schumer and Vanessa Bayer climb up the fame ladder, they have more opportunities to hook up with A-List stars. Let's hope they take advantage, because they have some great dates planned The duo sat down to discuss their ideal romantic evenings with fellow celebrities, and Schumer and Bayer agree on basically everything. It's truly heartwarming to see the friends bond over their mutual desire to treat Kanye to a, um, special night. See also: 17 jobs Amy Schumer does better than you Not all of their plans are X-Rated, though. They just want to go for a nice boozy brunch with (...) -- Viral Videos, Dating, Saturday Night Live, Trainwreck, Entertainment
  • 21:26
    Were you hoping that the first trailer for Snowden, Oliver Stone's upcoming political biopic, would include a glimpse of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the bespectacled title character? What about a look at Shailene Woodley as Snowden's longtime girlfriend, Lindsay Mills? Too bad; you're out of luck. Instead, the moody teaser features close-up shots of an American flag, excerpts from Snowden's biography — "Army recruit at 20. Joined CIA at 22. NSA contractor at 26. By age 29, the most wanted man in the world" — and a gloomy cover of "This Little Light of Mine." Also, at the end, it turns out the (...) -- Entertainment, Movies, Film, Edward Snowden, Snowden
  • 21:20
    The West is baking under a heat dome that has sent temperatures soaring to historically high levels, further drying out soils and priming the region for fast-spreading wildfires. The heat wave is noteworthy for its severity, extent and duration. During the past seven days alone, 465 warm temperature records have been set or tied across the country, mainly in the West, with 49 monthly warm temperature records set or tied, according to the National Center for Environmental Information in Asheville, North Carolina These numbers are rising by the hour as the blistering heat wave continues (...) -- Climate Change, West, Global Warming, Canada, Wildfire
  • 21:15
    As if the New England Patriots needed another investigation. With all the recent advancements in drone technology, no wonder that various National Football League teams have been trying to get a leg up by filming their practices with drones. The only issue is that it's illegal to fly drones for commercial purposes without first getting approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. See also: 6 Crazy Drones You Won't Believe Exist The Patriots, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys all apparently neglected to do so. Instead, the teams have been operating them to record practices and (...) -- Football, Nfl, Entertainment, Gadgets, Sports
  • 21:02
    Lyme disease went and made things so complicated. In her first TV appearance since her diagnosis on Good Morning America Monday, Avril Lavigne spoke candidly about the anguish she has faced while battling Lyme disease. The singer said she is excited for her "second shot at life" nofollowing her health struggle, which forced her to put her career, world tour and everything else on hold. See also: 13 Questions You'll Have After Watching Avril Lavigne's 'Rock N Roll' The pop star told People in April that she was struggling with the disease, and had been bedridden for five months. (...) -- Entertainment, Watercooler, Conversations, Avril Lavigne
  • 21:00
    While vacationing in Paris, California-native Jen Hurd Bohn snapped pictures of a couple's romantic engagement atop the Eiffel Tower But after a long line prevented her from sharing her photos with the couple, she called on the mighty powers of the Internet to help her find them. See also: Nothing says everlasting love like a Bitcoin engagement ring Read more... (function(d, s, id) var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.3"; (...) -- Pics, Engagement, Paris, Watercooler, Conversations
  • 20:55
    Conan O'Brian proves once again that dreams really do come true. Marshawn Lynch is famous for his love of Skittles and end zone crotch-grab dives, so why not combine them both? That's exactly what Conan did when he rolled out a giant end zone full of the delicious rainbow candies for the Seattle Seahawks running back to dive into. Going Beast Mode has never been more sweet. BoJack Horseman is #blessed in the Season 2 trailer for his Netflix show Short film finds colorful beauty in common objects 'I Am Chris Farley' trailer takes you on an emotional journey down memory lane Daenerys (...) -- Viral Videos, Conan, Skittles, Watercooler, Videos
  • 20:47
    LONDON — Brussels sprout haters, look away now: British supermarket Marks & Spencer's Christmas menu has been announced and things are about to get sproutier than ever before. See also: The 'world's first' Cornish pasty drive-through is coming to Britain The new menu was revealed in a press preview on Tuesday, and Twitter immediately started buzzing with talk of sprout-filled sausages, Prosecco-flavoured potato crisps, and the wonderfully named 'Brusselmole' – a new type of guac made using Brussels sprouts We were so confused we reached out to Marks & Spencer to make sure it (...) -- Uk, Christmas, Supermarket, Watercooler, Conversations
  • 20:20
    LOS ANGELES — Apple Music and its Beats 1 radio launched Tuesday, and the coveted first spot on the 24/7 station's inaugural playlist went to English rockers Spring King. To open the show, host Zane Lowe blasted Spring King's "City," a move that surprised the band and fans. Spring King tweeted its shock to its small army of 2,300 nofollowers. See also: Apple Music first look: It's all about curation, curation, curation yo ⓐzanelowe are you kidding?!!?!? you just spun our tune! you're an absolute legend!! — Spring King (ⓐspringkingband) June 30, 2015 Lowe, the familiar voice formerly from (...) -- Apple, Streaming Music, Streaming Radio, Entertainment, Music
  • 20:14
    Until 50 years ago, a woman could rarely control when she conceived, carried and gave birth to a child. Though the human body is perhaps capable of no greater feat, becoming a vessel and steward for human life somehow rendered women inferior. Their talents, it seemed, were reserved for domestic life There were exceptions to this rule prior to the advent of birth control, but the ability to decide when she bears children has fundamentally altered the course of a woman's destiny See also: 4 ways birth control has completely changed how you live Just like a man, she can win a Nobel prize, (...) -- Politics, Women, Congress, Gender, Us World
  • 20:13
    The world recently got a glimpse at the female Ghostbusters' uniforms, in all their striped glory. And now, director Paul Feig has given the public another movie nugget to fawn over: a new iteration of the franchise's signature proton packs Feig tweeted a picture of the new proton pack on June 30, with the hashtag #whatyougonnashoot See also: New 'Ghostbusters' uniforms have orange stripes, goggles, combat boots #whatyougonnashoot pic.twitter.com/sGsYSgS1Io — Paul Feig (ⓐpaulfeig) June 30, 2015 Well, apparently what you're gonna shoot is a brand new Ghostbusters movie, Paul Feig — (...) -- Twitter, Ghostbusters, Paul Feig, Entertainment, Film
  • 20:03
    Last week, Mashable partnered with Hilton to bring you an exciting photo challenge themed around jumping We asked you to capture photographs mid-air, whether coordinating a group jump on a cliff or practicing parkour See also: 21 Instagram photos that capture common objects as works of art "I can see from the submissions that everyone had a blast taking and jumping for the shots," said photographer Can Ahtam, our guest-host. "I am happy to see many creative jumps out there that inspired me for my future shots; there was the use of culture, color, minimalism and most importantly joy in (...) -- Hilton, Can Ahtam
  • 19:34
    Once again, Misty Copeland is making history The African-American ballerina has been promoted to the rank of principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. She is the first black female principal dancer in the company's 75-year history Copeland joined ABT's corps de ballet in 2001, later becoming a soloist at the company in 2007. In 2014, she told the New Yorker that her next goal was "to become the first African-American principal dancer with ABT." One year later, here we are See also: The brown ballerina exists. Why we need to lift her up By ⓐjuliekentofficial via ⓐRepostWhiz app: (...) -- Entertainment, Dance, Ballet, Misty Copeland, Ballerina
  • 19:15
    The family members of Chris Christie could barely contain their excitement on Tuesday morning at his long-awaited presidential campaign announcement, which he made from the gym of his former high school in suburban New Jersey. But Christie's wife, Mary Pat Foster, was the real star of the event, showering Christie and his supporters with smile after smile as her husband paced back and forth on the stage. See also: At least one dude is amped about Chris Christie running for president His daughter, though, appeared slightly less enthused about the coming months on the campaign (...) -- Us World, Politics, Us, Videos, Chris Christie
  • 18:57
    "Colors," a new collection film from the husband and wife filmmaking duo The Mercadantes explores the radiant colors surrounding us. Set to Mozart, watching the collection of shots is a mesmerizing celebration of how beautiful something like a bathroom stall door can be. Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' gets fittingly moody, paranoid trailer This is what diving into an end zone of Skittles looks like BoJack Horseman is #blessed in the Season 2 trailer for his Netflix show 'I Am Chris Farley' trailer takes you on an emotional journey down memory lane Read more... More about Videos, Color, Viral (...) -- Videos, Color, Viral Video, Colors, Film
  • 18:55
    Each day millions of YouTube videos starring cute dogs go unwatched, leaving their stars to flounder in mediocrity. We refuse to stand by as another dog goes unsponsored by chew toy brands. Mashable enlisted the help of sketch comedy group Pop Roulette and Internet-famous pup Doug the Pug for a PSA on the plight of the no-name pet. See also: 38 dogs who are tail-waggingly excited about their first day at work For just two minutes on Instagram a day, you can help a dog in need reach his goal of 500,000 nofollowers and a book that will carried at your nearest Urban Outfitters. Or, you (...) -- Youtube, Viral Videos, Dogs, Cute Animals, Watercooler

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Wired News: Top Stories


The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Wired News: Top Stories


  • 18:45
    One of Google's most well-regarded security researchers is leaving the company, reportedly to help the government beef up its cybersecuity. Re/code is reporting that Peiter "Mudge" Zatko will be building a new agency that examines electronic threats ...
  • 19:00
    Apple Music is finally here, along with a free three month trial to let anyone give it a listen. But what if you don't want to be on the hook for a $10 a month subscription fee on September 30? Or, what if you opted into Apple Music by mistake (which...

hack a day

  • 22:00
    Here’s a short film made by the Hammond Organ Company with the intent to educate and persuade potential consumers. Right away we are assured that Hammond organs are the cream of the crop for two simple reasons: the tone generator that gives them that unique Hammond sound, and the great care taken at every step of their construction. Hammond organs have ninety-one individual electromagnetic tone wheel assemblies. Each of these generate a specific frequency based on the waviness of a spinning disk’s edge and the speed at which it is rotated in front of an electromagnet. By using the drawbars (...) --


hack a day

  • 20:01
    On the path to exploring complex logic, let’s discuss the electrical properties that digital logic signals are comprised of. While there are many types of digital signals, here we are talking about the more common voltage based single-ended signals and not the dual-conductor based differential signals. Single-ended Logic Signal I think of most logic as being in one of two major divisions as far as the technology used for today’s logic: Bipolar and CMOS. Bipolar is characterized by use of (non-insulated gate) transistors and most often associated with Transistor Transistor Logic (TTL) based (...) --
  • 19:01
    Get in touch with Hackers everywhere. Take part in the Collabatorium tomorrow, live! Things get started on Wednesday, July 1st at 6:30pm PDT (UTC-7). Hundreds of hackers will be on hand discussing what they’re building, all the stuff happening in the hacker-sphere these days, and joining forces for that next great hack! All are invited to take part. Head on over the Hackaday Prize Hacker Channel right now and click on the left sidebar link that says “Request to join this project”. We highly recommend adding a custom avatar (if you haven’t already) so that others in the Collabatorium will be (...) --



  • 19:00
    Microsoft Edge was built from the ground-up with the modern web in mind. When we decided to make a “break from the past” for Windows 10, we didn’t just spend all of our time combing through complicated standards documents and implementing esoteric algorithms (though we did a fair amount of that!); in keeping with our ongoing focus on interoperability with the modern Web, we spent a great deal of our time dissecting modern website patterns, understanding the intent behind their code, and building a browser that intimately understands the expectations of the modern Web. As a step in that (...) -- PC, Phone, Tablet, Behind the Scenes, EdgeHTML, Interoperability

Programmable Web

  • 21:21
    One of the major areas of friction between application programming interface providers and API consumers is undoubtedly the subscription process. And as your target audience spreads around the world and you add more currencies and taxes, it only grows more complicated.
  • 20:00
    Since the application programming interface, or API, is the circular system running throughout the Internet of Things, you could ask how API design is affecting IoT. Given the constraints inherent to IoT and the potential of its impact, you could also ask how IoT is affecting API design.

Daring Fireball

  • 21:19
    Brent Simmons: This is the age of writing iOS apps for love. […] You the indie developer could become the next Flexibits. Could. But almost certainly not. Okay — not. What’s more likely is that you’ll find yourself working on a Mobile Experience for a Big National Brand(tm) and doing the apps you want to write in your spare time. If there’s a way out of despair, it’s in changing our expectations. There is so much that could and should and will be said about this. But the bottom line is that indie development for iOS and the App Store just hasn’t worked out the way we thought it would. We (...)
  • 20:12
    Christina Warren’s first look at Apple Music: The real heart of Apple Music is the For You tab. This is basically your music homescreen. When you open the section for the first time, you’re asked to go through a discovery exercise. This was lifted directly from Beats Music and it’s one of the best discovery tools I’ve used over the years. […] It’s hard for me to over-stress how much I like For You. From the very beginning, the recommendations in playlists and albums that the app showed me were dead-on accurate, reflecting my various musical interests. Straight out, I was given a (...)
  • 20:04
    They’re on Twitter and Instagram, too. Also: gorgeous use of the San Francisco font family on this page. ★
  • 18:32
    Jim Dalrymple: “As part of this ecosystem, what if there was a station that didn’t have any of those rules and didn’t serve any of those masters,” said Iovine. “What if it just took anything that was exciting, whether it be on Connect or a new record out of Brooklyn or Liverpool.” “Or whether it was rock or hip hop,” added Cue. So one of those genres could literally nofollow the other on Beats 1 Radio. “It works,” said Iovine. “And it works because the DJ is in the middle explaining how it works. DJs give you context.” So what does Beats 1 Radio compete with? Nothing, according to Iovine. “It (...)


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