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28 July


Yahoo! News: Technology News

  • 13:30
    Seminal Washington DC punk label Dischord made its entire back catalog available on Bandcamp this week, in the short gap between the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Most, if not all, of the tracks were available on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, but in making them totally free to listen to for anyone, it feels a little like Dischord was performing a public service — after two weeks of hectoring by presidential hopefuls, their peers, and their underlings, now's a perfect time to listen to the kind of angry, political punk that the label made its name (...) (The Verge)
  • 13:30
    This morning, an Atlas V rocket will blast off into space from Cape Canaveral, taking a classified satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office into orbit. The rocket — the primary craft of private space travel company United Launch Alliance — is scheduled to take off at 8:37AM ET, but ULA’s coverage of the launch will start about 20 minutes earlier, at 8:17AM ET. This will be ULA’s 23rd flight for the NRO, which operates a host of satellites used for intelligence gathering and (...) (The Verge)
  • 13:23
    Tumblr this week announced that it will roll out ads across all of its blogs, in a bid to increase revenue from the Yahoo-owned site. In a blog post published this week, Tumblr said that it is still working out the details of the program, and that a revenue split will be introduced at some point in the future. The announcement comes after Verizon announced that it agreed to buy Yahoo for $4.83 billion. (The Verge)
  • 12:39
    Microsoft released Windows 10 almost a year ago on July 29th, 2015. The software maker has offered its latest OS to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users as a free upgrade for the past year, but that offer is about to run out. You only have one day left to upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you're currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. (The Verge)
  • 12:29
    Ride-hailing services like Uber will be legal in China as of November, Bloomberg reports, citing a document from the country's transportation ministry. Uber and its Chinese rival, Didi Chuxing, have so far been operating in a legal gray area, as the two companies vie for supremacy in the world's largest ride-hailing market, but the new regulations reviewed by Bloomberg will now allow them to compete freely. An earlier draft of the regulations called for a ban on the use of private cars for ride-hailing services, and would have limited the number of licenses available for (...) (The Verge)
  • 09:45
    LG’s G5 misstep has been a drag on the Korean company’s finances this year, and so its latest earnings report chooses to draw attention elsewhere: toward a new V series device coming in the next quarter. Recording a $132 million operating loss from its mobile division over the past three months, LG says it has met with "increased marketing expenditures and somewhat slow initial sales of G5 smartphone." The company did improve its total phone shipments by 3 percent, and it hopes that its upcoming launch of "the new V series" and a number of of mass-market devices will (...) (The Verge)
  • 08:50
    Japan's SoftBank Group Corp on Thursday flagged a sharp recovery for struggling U.S. unit Sprint and was bullish about long-term prospects for soon-to-be-acquired UK chip designer ARM . The telecoms and internet conglomerate unveiled plans this month to purchase ARM for $32 billion in cash, one of CEO Masayoshi Son's boldest bets yet, as he seeks to be at the forefront of the next wave of digital innovation. "I'm telling ARM management - let's increase the number of engineers, boost R&D spending and make investments proactively," Son told a briefing on (...) (Reuters)


  • 10:34
    Today -- the day before the free upgrade to Windows 10 expires, and just a few more days before the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update -- Microsoft is tweaking the minimum system requirements for the operating system. Specifically, hardware manufacturers will have to include TPM 2.0 in PCs, smartphones and tablets if they are to be considered Windows 10 compatible. TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) is an added hardware-based security layer that helps to protect user data, As noted by PCWorld, TPM 2.0 is key to Microsoft's push of Windows Hello as it provides a secure area to store… (...) -- [Continue Reading]

Yahoo! News: Technology News


  • 12:56
    As more and more devices get connected to the Internet of Things, so their susceptibility to hacking increases too. New research from enterprise data protection company Vormetric in conjunction with Wakefield Research shows that this is a concern for many people. Most feared is the hacking of cars and home security cameras, both cited by 61 percent. In addition 52 percent thought a virtual personal assistant such as Amazon Echo would be vulnerable to hacking, and 45 percent were concerned about the potential to hack smartwatches. Although security of healthcare systems has received a lot (...) -- [Continue Reading]

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

The Daily WTF

  • 12:30
    Objects left in the garage or the attic tend to multiply. If you don’t clean them regularly, you find mysterious and inexplicable objects have multiplied like rabbits. “Why is there a bag of marbles in this box, and when did I ever buy an ugly Christmas sweater?” Without regular refactoring, the same thing can happen to your code-base. Michal is finally taking a look at a bit of code that hasn’t been touched since 2001. The original developer has left the company, there’s no documentation, and the SVN history has long since been discarded. This leaves Michal with many questions. For example- (...) -- CodeSOD


  • 01:38
    BEVERLY HILLS, California — If it wasn't clear already: Netflix doesn't care about TV ratings. “The focus of ratings companies has no relevance for us,” Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos told reporters at the streaming service's Television Critics Association presentation.  SEE ALSO: What's going on with Rory's love life? And 4 other things we learned about Netflix's 'Gilmore Girls' revival The comment comes as more companies continue to claim they know Netflix's numbers. During his TCA presentation, Sarandos called out two companies — Nielsen and Symphony Media — specifically for (...) -- Television Critics Association, Tca, Tv, Tv Ratings, Ted Sarandos
  • 12:12
    If Filipinos didn't get enough of the Miss Universe pageant this year with its own contestant winning the crown, they're about to get a second wave when Manila plays host to the international beauty pageant next year. The Philippines' Department of Tourism announced to the press on Thursday that the country will be hosting the next Miss Universe on Jan. 30, 2017. SEE ALSO: Miss Teen USA is ditching the swimsuits for athletic gear The last time the Philippines hosted the pageant was over 20 years ago in 1994, and another 20 years before that in 1974. According to Rappler, the estimated (...) -- Philippines, Miss Universe, Entertainment
  • 11:56
    LONDON — When it comes to customer complaints, it's getting harder and harder to be creative. There was that guy who tried to claim money from The National Lottery with a brilliantly fake scratch card, the man who photographed a loaf of crooked bread and posted it to Facebook, and even that bloke who somehow ended up in a three-hour rap battle with Pret A Manger after moaning about his crayfish flatbread. SEE ALSO: 9 people who took on British companies and won in 2015 Still, Jay Whalley of Preston, UK, may finally have outdone them.  "Just sent this ASOS to find out about my return," (...) -- Funny, Eminem, Uk, Asos, Complaint
  • 11:53
    Sci-fi fans, brace yourselves for some good news.  Six brand-new episodes of Black Mirror, the dark and dystopian show created by British writer Charlie Brooker, will be released at once on October 21 - sooner than initially thought - on Netflix. SEE ALSO: What's coming to (and expiring from) Netflix in August A cryptic tweet from the show's official Twitter handle announced the release date: Originally produced by Channel 4 in the UK, the show covers various topics loosely inter-connected by a bleak vision of the modern society and its use of technology.  Each episode has a different (...) -- Netflix, Black Mirror, Entertainment
  • 11:47
    If you haven't played Pokémon Go yet – first of all, what's up with you? And second of all, you'd be unaware of this beautiful, rare creature. He defies labels. He's all about that intellectual, researcher realness. His name is Professor Willow. He's HOT, and it has not gone unnoticed.  SEE ALSO: You shouldn't be ashamed of playing 'Pokemon Go' and loving it The internet has become so smitten with the Pokémon Professor and his alluring mixture of masc aesthetics and geeky charm The essence of Tumblr, in one picture. Image: otiyakato/tumblr But to really understand the hold that Professor (...) -- Tumblr, Pokemon Go, Professor Willow, Watercooler, Australia
  • 11:26
    Get ready to turn on the waterworks with this poignant ad from Singapore phone company Starhub. The ad captures a man spending time with his elderly father suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, trying to recreate the older man's memories. The 60-second spot was produced with the Alzheimer's Disease Association, and takes the viewer through moments that may have been lost forever in the dad's mind. Starhub has also released an extended director's cut. Streaker to spend a week in jail for world's greatest nude run Expensive Lamborghini tows around some cute goats in a trailer Delightful (...) -- Iphone 6s, Viral Video, Alzheimer S Disease, Starhub, Singapore
  • 10:40
    Republican Party nominee for president of the U.S., Donald J. Trump, made good on his promise and held a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session late Wednesday. And while many thought this would be a disaster, Trump and his supporters on Reddit managed to turn the normally open concept of the AMA interview into a very on-message experience. Trump played this one smart. Instead of doing the AMA — basically an open-ended interview, where the Reddit community asks the questions — on Reddit's IAmA subreddit, he did it on the pro-Trump subreddit The_Donald. There, the subreddit's moderators could (...) -- Ama, Reddit, The Donald, Donald Trump, Tech
  • 10:13
    An Australian man has been sentenced to a week in jail after a naked streak attempt at a Sri Lankan cricket ground went a little soggy. When rain delayed the first day of the Test cricket match between Sri Lanka and Australia, the man decided what better way to pass the time than to ditch his clothing prison and stride naked across the covered cricket pitch. His running was somewhat limited however, because plastic becomes slippery when wet and the man's romp looked more like a baby giraffe learning to walk moments after being shot out into the world. According to The Australian, (...) -- Nude, Streak, Cricket, Australia, Watercooler
  • 09:51
    His head hangs forward, enclosed in a white bag known in rough prison parlance as a "spit hood." His young chest exposed, two black straps tie his shoulders to the chair. The harrowing image of then-17-year-old Dylan Voller, taken from the ABC's investigation into the 'torture' of young people at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin, Australia, is just one of many instances of abuse detailed in the news program aired Monday. But it is the one that was chosen to lead a myriad news stories, and the one destined to be imprinted on the national conscience.  SEE ALSO: Facebook takes (...) -- Viral, Facebook, Twitter, Black Lives Matter, Don Dale
  • 09:44
    A worm bite almost cost English-Norwegian professional snooker player Kurt Maflin a spot in the Hangteng Autos World Open that is currently being held in Yushan, China. SEE ALSO: Savage moth attacks Cristiano Ronaldo after he suffers knee injury Maflin, who is ranked number 50 in the world, tweeted a pic on Tuesday that he woke up to a "mosquito bite" on his thumb that felt like it "is going to explode." After a visit to a local hospital, Maflin found out that he was actually bitten by a worm instead. According to South China Morning Post, Maflin initially considered pulling out from (...) -- China, Injury, Kurt Maflin, Snooker, Watercooler
  • 08:42
    How do you cross a road in India without being run over? Or negotiate with an unreasonable auto rickshaw driver in Mumbai? A Swedish duo has acquired a large fan nofollowing in India after tickling people with their astutely observed, funny videos on Indian oddities. SEE ALSO: This adorable 6-year-old 'chef' got $2,000 from Facebook for his ice-cream video Driven by their passion for acting and love for Bollywood, Stockholm residents 25-year-old Johan Bartoli and  26-year-old Hampus Bergqvist came to Mumbai 10 months ago to try their luck in the Indian film industry. The two met while (...) -- Sweden, Viral, Indian Cinema, Bollywood, Comedy
  • 08:33
    If you want to be the very best like no one ever was — but in the bedroom — then you'll need these dildos that are inspired by Pokémon. "Pokémoan" is the creation of Geeky Sex Toys, a workshop of self-described "cheeky nerds" based out of Brisbane, Australia that create sex toys with a pop culture twist.  SEE ALSO: You shouldn't be ashamed of playing 'Pokemon Go' and loving it Running the show is a couple named Emma and Josh, who only prefer to be known by their first names. They've described themselves as "big geeks" who struggled to find nerdy toys in adult stores, so they decided to (...) -- Sex And Relationships, Pokemon, Australia, Watercooler
  • 06:16
    Bid farewell to your childhood — Sesame Street has cut three of its its beloved human cast members. Actor Bob McGrath announced at the Florida Supercon earlier this month that he, Roscoe Orman and Emilio Delgado — who play Bob, Gordon and Luis, respectively — have been removed from the show as it undergoes "retooling" by HBO. SEE ALSO: Grover and Bert from 'Sesame Street' learn how to take the perfect Instagram selfie “As of this season, I have completed my 45th season this year. And the show has gone under a major turn around, going from an hour to a half-hour,” McGrath said at the event, (...) -- Hbo, Television, Sesame Street, Entertainment
  • 06:15
    Joe Biden and Tim Kaine didn't hold back on Trump during their speeches at the Democratic convention Wednesday night, but it turned out they were just the opening acts for Obama's full-blown takedown of The Donald. SEE ALSO: Joe Biden unleashes a glorious trademark burn at Democratic convention During the first half of his speech, which closed proceedings on the third night in Philadelphia, Obama landed several blows squarely on the Republican nominee. While his words were peppered with oblique references to Trump, from quips about the birth certificate malarkey to lines like (...) -- Trump, Democratic Convention, Obama, Us World, Politics
  • 05:39
    Loud and full of bass, the boombox a.k.a. the ghetto blaster is an unforgettable relic of the '80s.  Now you can own a giant collection of these boomboxes, currently being sold by New Zealander Craig Kenton in an auction starting from NZ$20,000 (US$14,202).  SEE ALSO: Devialet's Phantom Gold wireless speaker literally blew us away There are over 300 of these classic audio pieces in the collection, which has slowly amassed in the space of 15 years. Kenton, who grew up as a breakdancing teenager in the '80s, explained that his collection was something that just spiralled over time. "A lot (...) -- New Zealand, Watercooler, Australia
  • 05:22
    Sen. Tim Kaine has been many things — missionary, lawyer, governor and now Vice President nominee — but the internet just really, really wants him to be their dad. HIs speech at Wednesday night's Democratic National Convention centered on his personal biography and the failures of Donald Trump. And while his substantive speech touched on some of the most hot button issues of the day, the internet had one pressing question for him: "Will you be our dad?" SEE ALSO: 50 very unlikely things we want from the Democratic National Convention Tim Kaine is father to three children, but Twitter (...) -- Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Democratic National Convention, Watercooler, Politics
  • 05:18
    Karl Stefanovic is the sometime-people's prince of Australian morning television. He once even presented a whole show drunk. This morning however, he didn't win himself any fans or ethical journalism awards when he created a piece of television that was so transphobic it should be cast into the sea.  SEE ALSO: Trans women fearlessly tackle HIV stigma in new video series A Channel 9 news crew landed in Rio for the 2016 Olympics only to have someone try to mug them. A traumatic enough event in itself, the Today Show host decided to focus on the fact that the would-be-mugger was suspected (...) -- Journalism, Transgender, Glaad, Us World, Australia
  • 04:53
    Believe us, you need to see Tim Kaine's impression of Donald Trump. At the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Kaine accepted the nomination for Vice President. During his acceptance speech, Kaine pulled out his best, scathing impersonation of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, coveting one of Trump's trademark responses, "believe me." SEE ALSO: Joe Biden unleashes a glorious trademark burn at Democratic convention Even Joe Biden and Bill Clinton were impressed. via GIPHY via GIPHY Read more... More about Politics, Watercooler, Viral Videos, Videos, and (...) -- Politics, Watercooler, Viral Videos, Videos, Funny
  • 04:37
    When you own a car easily worth the cost of an apartment in a major metropolitan city, you'd certainly be looking to show it off as much you can. So why not flaunt your expensive wheels by towing your goats around with it? A Lamborghini Murciélago driver did just that.  The strange "party in the front, barnyard in the back" sight was captured in a video uploaded to YouTube by one Joseph Criniti. Thank you Joseph. It's people like you who make the world a better, cuter place. Comic-con cosplay looks straight from a Lego horror film Delightful parrot sounds just like a squeaky toy when (...) -- Video, Australia, Watercooler
  • 04:11
    Joe Biden gave the internet a sound bite treasure in 2012 when he called Paul Ryan's stance on the Benghazi attack a "bunch of malarkey." And at the Democratic convention Wednesday night, he took the m-word for another glorious spin. After strolling onstage to the theme from Rocky, Biden delivered a stirring, energetic speech that pulled no punches when it came to Donald Trump — including the reality star's Apprentice past and alleged disconnect with middle-class voters.  SEE ALSO: 50 very unlikely things we want from the Democratic National Convention "Think about everything you learned (...) -- Donald Trump, Election 2016, Joe Biden, Democratic Convention, Watercooler
  • 04:08
    The latest season of The Bachelor Australia was just unleashed upon the country and the first episode was weird/delightful as hell. And not just because one contestant decided to accept her rose by chowing down on its supple petals. SEE ALSO: 7 Australian comedians the world deserves (and they're all ladies) Opening the show with "G'day" is obviously a contractual obligation. How else would the viewing public know that our ex-Bachelorette contestant-cum-Bachelor, Richie is uniquely Australian. The lady contestants ticked all the boxes; mostly white and willing to spend a whole (...) -- Weird, Tv Series, Australia, The Bachelor, Watercooler
  • 03:17
    Tesla let the press into its giant new battery-producing plant, called the Gigafactory, for the first time Friday.  Experts told Wired the factory will be necessary to power Musk's dream fleet of EVs and hybrids (the company's goal is 500,000 cars a year). Currently, Tesla's battery production is outsourced to Asia, a costly and slower option. The new domestic factory, however, is expected to cut costs by 30 percent and is a one-hour plane ride away from the company's headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The 3,200-acre plant is located in Reno, Nevada. Musk also told the BBC he wants (...) -- Tesla, Tech
  • 02:58
    The mother of a man killed in the Orlando, Florida, shooting at Pulse nightclub in June spoke at the Democratic convention Wednesday, and her words were a devastating call for common sense gun laws. Christine Leinonen, whose son Christopher “Drew” Leinonen was killed in the attack, fought back tears as she talked about her loss. Christopher was her only son, she said, and she told him "You can't do better than perfect." SEE ALSO: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez collaborate on touching song for Orlando Drawing attention to the rapid fire of many assault weapons, including the (...) -- Orlando, Democratic Convention, Us World, Politics
  • 02:58
    American Horror Story is returning for Season 6 Sept. 14, and while we may still have no idea what its theme will be, we do know that it's going to be creepy as hell.  SEE ALSO: 'American Horror Story' gets Season 6 premiere date FX released three short, mysterious teasers on Snapchat Wednesday evening, and left it to viewers to guess what it all means. There's a farmhouse letting out an ominous cloud of black smoke, a baby crib mobile made of knives and other very sharp objects, a bunch of question marks next to the number 6 and, like, way more creepy demon hands than is probably (...) -- American Horror Story, Tv, Entertainment
  • 02:44
    1923 Children use bundles of banknotes as building blocks. Image: Three Lions/Getty Images In 1914, the exchange rate of the German mark to the American dollar was about 4.2 to one. Nine years later, it was 4.2 trillion to one The out-of-control inflation began somewhat mildly during World War I, as the German government printed unbacked currency and borrowed money to finance military expenditures. The strategy was to eventually pay off the debts by seizing resource-rich territories and imposing reparations on the vanquished Allies. But then Germany lost the war and ended up with massive (...) -- Inflation, Money, Germany, History, Retronaut
  • 02:41
    BEVERLY HILLS, California — Mike Colter is ready for Marvel fans to get to know the new Luke Cage. "It's important in the landscape of television and globally as far as symbols,"  Mike Colter, who plays the titular character, told reporters at Netflix's Television Critics Association presentation Wednesday. The new series nofollows Marvel's comic book hero-for-hire Luke Cage, a Marvel character known for his strength and gang-busting. It co-stars Mahershala Ali, Alfe Woodard, Simone Missick, Theo Rossi and Frank Whaley. It takes place in Harlem in 1972. SEE ALSO: 5 things we learned about (...) -- Tv, Luke Cage, Tca, Netflix, Entertainment
  • 02:33
    Time to make space in your makeup kit. South Korean cosmetic brand Laneige — most known for its BB cushion compacts — has announced its third fashion collaboration, this time with fellow South Korean street style label, Lucky Chouette. SEE ALSO: South Korea to launch 'Pororo Go,' which is basically 'Pokémon Go' for kids The collection, which hits beauty counters on Sep. 1, features Lucky Chouette's two owl mascots on a range of Laneige products. Image: Alicia tan/mashable Besides Laneige's signature BB cushion, this collection also introduces two new product lines: a moisturising lip (...) -- Makeup, Cosmetics, Beauty, Laneige, South Korea
  • 02:23
    BEVERLY HILLS, California — Playing a kid in the '80s may be fun, but there's certainly a learning curve when it comes to prepping for the part. Just ask the young cast members on Stranger Things, Netflix's new, buzzy  sci-fi series set in the 1980s. "I had no idea what a record player was,"  Millie Brown, the 12-year-old actress who plays Eleven said during the streaming service's Television Critics Association panel Wednesday afternoon. SEE ALSO: ‘Stranger Things' is full to bursting with references from '80s films That was just one of the many adorable quips from the trio of young (...) -- 80s, Streaming Services, Television Critics Association, Netflix, Tca
  • 02:12
    Australia has plenty of scary animals, and now you can add a large flesh-eating marsupial to the list. A distant cousin of the Tasmanian devil, but double the size at roughly 20 to 25 kilograms (44 to 55 lbs), the extinct animal has been named the "Whollydooleya tomnpatrichorum."  SEE ALSO: Young seal thinks he's people; makes the public toilet his new home The hypercarnivore, which means more than 70 percent of its diet is meat, was identified from a fossil found at a site called New Riversleigh located in north-western Queensland. Based off its teeth, it's an animal you definitely (...) -- Animals, Watercooler, Australia


  • 12:20
    Microsoft’s aggressive campaign to get customers to upgrade to Windows 10 might have seen the new OS grow in popularity, but the company's approach has, understandably, upset a lot of users. The software giant employed some increasingly sneaky tricks to fool Windows 7 and 8.1 users into accepting an OS upgrade they didn’t want and, inevitably, some unhappy victims are now looking to sue. The software giant has already paid out $10,000 to a Californian whose PC was ruined by a Windows 10 update, and several US Attorney-Generals are reported to be actively pursuing cases against Microsoft. (...) -- [Continue Reading]
  • 10:53
    Security expert Jérémie Boutoille from Quarkslab says that he has found a critical bug in the Xen hypervisor. The open-source hypervisor, which has the likes of Amazon, and IBM on its cloud clients list, has had a bug which could lead to potential privilege escalation. The bug, identified as CVE-2016-6258, affects all versions of Xen. However, only PV guests on x86 hardware should be worried. Hardware virtual machine (HVM) and ARM guests are deemed invulnerable. "Running only HVM guests will avoid this vulnerability", the researcher said in an advisory posted on the Xenbits website. In (...) -- [Continue Reading]

Boing Boing


  • 11:58
    We can't work out whether this seal is the most skillful beast in the ocean, or just the luckiest. Filmed off the coast of Sheltand, UK, the clip above shows an orca lunging toward a seal that's calmly bobbing around in the shallows by some rocks. SEE ALSO: Young seal thinks he's people; makes the public toilet his new home Just as it looks as though the slippery fellow is about to meet his end, though, he suddenly dodges out of the way at the very last minute. Nice moves, seal. Touching ad looks at what it's like dealing with Alzheimer's Streaker to spend a week in jail for world's (...) -- Uk, Scotland, Video, Killer Whale, Seal

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