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  Friday 31 October 14:57
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31 October


hack a day

  • 12:00
    Reprogramming the behaviors of a person-sized animatronic dinosaur would have to be among the coolest opportunities to be presented with… This is exactly what [Dr. Lucy Rogers] and a group of fellow techies were tasked to accomplish for the Backgang Chine park located on the Isle of Wight in the UK. Before the group arrived, the native dinos didn’t do much else than run a preprogrammed routine when triggered by someone’s presence… which needless to say, lacks the appropriate prehistoric dynamism. Seeing that their dated wag, wiggle, and roar response could use a fresh breath of flare, the (...) --
  • 09:00
    A few weeks ago, Anonabox, the ill-conceived router with custom firmware that would protect you from ‘hackers’ and ‘legitimate governments’ drew the ire of tech media. It was discovered that this was simply an off-the-shelf router with an installation of OpenWrt, and the single common thread in the controversy was that, ‘anyone can build that. This guy isn’t doing anything new.’ Finally, someone who didn’t have the terrible idea of grabbing another off the shelf router and putting it up on Kickstarter is doing just that. [Adam] didn’t like the shortcomings of the Anonabox and looked at the best (...) --
  • 06:00
    Will you be handing out candy on Halloween? Maybe you have a party to attend or kids to take around the neighborhood and can’t be home to answer the bell. You don’t want to be The Dark House With No Candy, ’cause that’s a good way to get TP’d. We’re not exactly sure what [Ben]‘s catalyst was aside from trying to avoid tempting would-be thieves with an unattended bowl on the porch. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to present Candy or Death, his gamified candy (or death)-dispensing machine. Okay, so it only dispenses candy for now. [Ben] hasn’t quite worked the kinks out of his death ray. He (...) --


  • 08:26
    Our last #FlickrFriday theme was #ReadBetweenTheLines, and we’ve got so many submissions with so much of great creativity and imagination. Please take a look at our favorites here, or go to the Flickr Friday Group Pool to see all submissions directly. --
  • 01:41
    Multitalented artist and Los Angeles-based photographer Christine McConnell shoots captivating images that make you look twice. Inspired by the feminine beauty ideal of the 1950s and the nightmarish horror flicks of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, and Ridley Scott, she creates dramatic scenes that often embody a campy and creepy feel. Christine started experimenting with photography when she was 19, initially taking pictures of herself. Over time, she figured out how to make her own outfits, create and light her own sets, and bake gorgeous but terrifying-looking confections — sometimes the (...) --

Daring Fireball

  • 03:52
    This is a shame, because I was really looking forward to Taibbi’s Racket, which he envisioned as a modern-day Spy magazine. But it’s no wonder Taibbi bristled under these First Look guys: Taibbi and other journalists who came to First Look believed they were joining a free-wheeling, autonomous, and unstructured institution. What they found instead was a confounding array of rules, structures, and systems imposed by Omidyar and other First Look managers on matters both trivial — which computer program to use to internally communicate, mandatory regular company-wide meetings, mandated use of (...)


Om Malik


  • 01:00
    If old-timey cartoons taught us anything, it's that monochrome color palettes go pretty well with a dash of red. My Color Screen user JRS takes this approach with today's home screen design. Read more... -- , ,

NYT > Circuits

Programmable Web

Yahoo! News: Technology News

ScottGu’s Blog

  • 07:39
    The last three weeks have been busy ones for Azure. Two weeks ago we announced a partnership with Docker to enable great container-based development experiences on Linux, Windows Server and Microsoft Azure. Last week we held our Cloud Day event and announced our new G-Series of Virtual Machines as well as Premium Storage offering. The G-Series VMs provide the largest VM sizes available in the public cloud today (nearly 2x more memory than the largest AWS offering, and 4x more memory than the largest Google offering). The new Premium Storage offering (which will work with both our (...) -- Azure, .NET, Community News


  • 08:02
    Tickets for Sony's PlayStation Experience in December go on sale today, but aside from a few coy teases, what you'll do there hasn't been clear. Well, now that's changing. For starters, Project Morpheus -- the catch-up king's VR headset -- is making...
  • 06:28
    You can't exactly use Google Wallet everywhere you go just yet, but if you do use it often enough to warrant semi-regular transfers from your bank, then you'll love its latest update. Now, you can activate recurring bank transfers, even pick the...
  • 04:56
    Google has been making it easier for more and more third-party companies to take advantage of its products' features recently. For instance, it's now taking airlines, restos and event venues (among others) by the hand, showing them how to use the new...
  • 03:37
    A unibody metal body, 5-inch AMOLED display, 13-megapixel camera, a claim as Samsung's "thinnest smartphone to date" and yet, this isn't a flagship smartphone. Especially for Halloween - or not related at all - the Galaxy A5 and A3 yet more...
  • 03:34
    It wasn't a huge mistake, but the structure that Arrested Development's fourth season used was a bit off-putting for some viewers. Each episode nofollowed the foibles of single members of the Bluth family in a few different timelines, and the early...
  • 02:56
    For companies like Google, facing problems with the law across Europe has become a common thing. The most recent example of this is now taking place in Spain, where the country's parliament just gave the go-ahead to what's being known as the "Google...
  • 01:44
    "When so many other features of the site have changed, why is Poking still a thing?" That's the question I'd ask Mark Zuckerberg if I ever had the chance. And next week, I might get an answer. Just about anyone could get a query answered by the...
  • 01:02
    Just about a year ago we learned Andy Rubin had shifted his focus at Google from Android ("the definition of open") to working with robots, like the ones from its acquisition Boston Dynamics, but tonight reports indicate he is leaving the company...
  • 00:17
    Technology can be pretty wonderful sometimes. Case in point: Warblr, an app that uses sound recognition tech and your phone's GPS signal to identify birdsongs. The application first pinpoints where you are (it'll debut in the United Kingdom), and...

ESPN: The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons



  • 06:10
    Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central sign-off has been officially set The host announced Thursday night that the final episode of The Colbert Report will air Dec. 18, 2014 bringing to an end his almost decade-long run on the network. See also: Gwen Stefani Has No Idea How to Say Stephen Colbert's Name As Mashable first reported back in April, Colbert will inherit David Letterman's seat at The Late Show sometime in 2015. No word on whether his new duties will interfere with his job as intergalactic chancellor. When Colbert visited Letterman back in April, shortly after the switch was made (...) -- Television, Colbert Report, Entertainment, Tv
  • 05:32
    Anyone who's ever been to a tech expo such as IFA, where Plantronics first showed its BackBeat Pros, knows that the headphone market is an extremely crowded space. Choices abound: Prosumer and high-end headphones from companies such as Sennheiser, all-around, stylish cans like the ones from Beats Audio, and in-ear headphones which come in a zillion flavors But there's one space in the world of headphones that's not quite overpopulated yet — the Bluetooth, wireless, noise-canceling, over-the-ear headphones. It sounds like a tiny niche, but actually these are the headphones most of us need: (...) -- Reviews, Bluetooth, Headphones, Tech, Gadgets
  • 04:14
    Google's Project Ara has reached an important milestone A new video shows off the most advanced prototype of the modular smartphone yet— one that actually boots and is able to launch an app. See also: Google Went Public 10 Years Ago, But It's Still Not a 'Conventional' Company Project Ara is Google's ambitious plan for modular smartphones that have interchangeable pieces. The idea is to create phones whose individual components, like the processor, display, or camera, can be swapped out individually so users have more ways to customize their devices at a lower cost The latest (...) -- Google, Mobile, Gadgets, Tech, Project Ara
  • 04:07
    Sometimes the urge to eat good General Tso's chicken is too strong. In this installment of embarrassing Halloween stories, 20-year-old Lehigh Universtity student Terez Sharek Owens was arrested on Sunday after breaking into his friend's home and stealing Chinese food from the fridge while wearing a yellow Teletubby costume. Owens was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief See also: Visitors in Lake Tahoe are taking too many bear selfies Video: YouTube, Teletubbies According to The Morning Call, police received several phone calls from residents just before 2 a.m. (...) -- Halloween, Funny, Watercooler, Conversations, Weird News
  • 03:17
    Zsasz is coming, y'all, and it's going to be awesome On Monday, Anthony Carrigan, who recently portrayed The Mist on CW's The Flash, visits Gotham as supervillain and serial killer Victor Zsasz. And in a just-released sneak peek at the episode, we get our first extended look at his debut, which looks fantastic and totally creepy. See also: Alfred Is About to Show His 'Badass' Side on 'Gotham' The episode, titled "Penguin's Umbrella," also happens to be one of star Robin Lord Taylor's favorite episodes, as it finds his character Penguin "embracing his role in the city and making strides (...) -- Television, Entertainment, Tv, Gotham
  • 02:59
    SYDNEY — Halloween is here. Except a random street party held by 20-year-old students and a lonesome house covered in cobwebs, there is a stillness in the air. There are no knocks at the door, there are no groups of kids cackling as they hurry down the street, there are no free sweets. This is Australian Halloween. Every year, the debate is thrown around — why do we ignore the most brilliant holiday of them all? (When you remove Australia Day and Boxing Day, of course). This year is no different. People are FREAKING out. See also: 50 last-minute Halloween costumes This is what I want to (...) -- Australia, Halloween, Us World
  • 02:48
    It's much easier to frame an election around two candidates exchanging verbal punches than it is around an issue such as increasing the minimum wage or legalizing marijuana, but much of what is up for vote during this 2014 midterm election season has as much to do with issues, as politicians Citizens around the United States will decide whether their states should increase early voting days, loosen or tighten gun control restrictions, and more See also: The Midterm Elections Are Worth Your Attention. Here's Why Below, we've mapped out some of the more critical ballot issues in each (...) -- Voting, Election, Weed, Marijuana, Us World
  • 02:35
    For this week's Mashable Photo Challenge, bring out your dark side. Explore the outdoors after sunset, look for shadows on dark pavement and entertain your superstitions See also: These Vintage Halloween Costumes Will Scare the Sheet Out of You Your submissions can be Halloween-related — orange and black, spirits and haunted things — but they certainly don't have to be. You're free to experiment with shadows, still life, and low light settings in basements and warehouses. Take advantage of late dusk and early dawn. We want to see a variety of raw images, heavily edited shots and even film (...) -- Photography, Halloween, Social Media, Apps Software, Mashable Photo Challenge Guest Series
  • 02:31
    Google's on a mission to reinvent email. Its weapon: Inbox, a standalone app that launched last week. Inbox aims to make email more useful with several new tools. It surfaces relevant content (photos, for example) and information from within individual messages so you don't have to open anything to get at what you really want. Bundles sort your messages for you, letting you find important messages faster. Plus you can add your own reminders that work with Google Now. See also: Google Inbox Hands On: An App With an Identity Crisis But there's something important that Inbox isn't: Gmail. (...) -- Email, Gmail, Inbox, Tech, Apps Software
  • 02:05
    Andy Rubin, the man at the helm of Google's robotics initiative and the co-founder of the Android mobile operating system, is stepping down from his post. The robotics team, which Rubin took over less than a year ago, is to be led by James Kuffner, a Google research scientist, when Rubin leaves, a Google spokesman told The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the executive shuffle Thursday. Rubin left his leadership role with Android in March 2013. Google acquired Android in 2005. See also: Andy Rubin's Next Big Thing at Google: Robots Up next for Rubin: Creating an incubator for (...) -- Google, Business, Mobile
  • 01:32
    Trick-or-treating may be the best part of Halloween — but not all neighborhoods are equal when it comes to candy distribution That's why Nextdoor, a social network aimed at connecting neighborhoods, rolled out new mapping features to help users plan the best trick-or-treating routes. See also: The unofficial Halloween candy exchange rate The goal of Treat Map is to help parents identify the best areas for visiting Halloween night. Users indicate whether they plan to give out candy or set up a haunted house. This information then appears on the app's main neighborhood map. "We're taking (...) -- Tech, Halloween, Apps Software, Nextdoor, Apps And Software
  • 00:51
    The President of Burkina Faso said he will hand over his 27-year rule of the west African nation after violent protests rocked the capital city of Ouagadougou on Thursday. In a televised statement to the nation, President Blaise Compaore announced his intention to hand over power to a new democratically elected leader after a period of transition. Compaore intends to remain in power while the transition takes place See also: What it looks like when 100,000 people rally for Internet freedom The government shake up comes after demonstrators stormed the country's parliament building (...) -- President, Coup, Protests, Us World, World
  • 00:45
    MELBOURNE — As the Ebola virus befalls its 10,000th victim, governments around the world are contributing resources to try and contain the epidemic in West Africa Among those countries is Australia, who has pledged $A18 million to the cause. While commendable, the contribution has drawn criticism from some who argue it is inadequate and are urging the government to scale up its support See also: The 5-step process for making an Ebola vaccine So could Australia be doing more? For a little perspective, here's seven things the country spends more money on than fighting Ebola Read more... (...) -- Australia, Liberia, Us World, Ebola, West Africa
  • 00:20
    Jason Reitman is hopping into television — casually Hulu has picked up 10 episodes of Casual, a single-camera, half-hour comedy from the Oscar-nominated director, set to debut on the streaming service in 2015 See also: On Hulu's 'Quick Draw,' Improv Is King The show centers on a brother-sister duo who help each other navigate the dating world while raising a teenager together. He's a bachelor and she's newly divorced. Reitman, best known for directing 2007's Juno and 2009's Up in the Air, is set to direct the first episode “I've long looked for the right first step into episodic (...) -- Hulu, Television, Entertainment, Tv


hack a day

  • 03:00
    The Parallax Propeller is an interesting chip that doesn’t get a lot of love, but since the entire chip was released as open source, that might be about to change: people are putting this chip inside FPGA and modifying the binaries to give the chip functions that never existed in the original. Last August, Parallax released the source for the P8X32A, giving anyone with an FPGA board the ability to try out the Prop for their own designs. Since then, a few people have put some time in, cleaning up the files, unscrambling ROM images, fixing bugs, and all the general maintenance that an open (...) --
  • 00:00
    [misterdob] wanted to spice up his Halloween decor, so he built these flaming concrete jack -o’-lanterns to decorate his walkway. He started with the classic plastic jack-o’-lanterns that trick-or-treaters have been using to collect candy for years. [misterdob] filled the plastic pumpkins halfway with concrete mix, then dropped in metal coffee cans. He then filled the pumpkins up to the top with concrete, shaking them up a bit to avoid air pockets. Once the concrete had set, [misterdob] cut away the plastic revealing nearly perfect concrete duplicates. He used acid stain to color his creations (...) --

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