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25 May

Seth’s Blog

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    It's tempting to reserve the new term 'social entrepreneurs' for that rare breed that builds a significant company organized around the idea of changing the culture for the better. The problem with this term is that it lets everyone else off the hook. The prefix social implies that regular entrepreneurs have nothing to worry about, and that the goal of every un-prefixed organization and project (the 'regular kind') is to only make as much money as possible, as fast as possible. But that's not how the world works. Every project causes change to happen, and the change we make is social. (...)


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Yahoo! News: Technology News

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    The Apple Watch Edition is the most expensive product Apple has ever made, so most people won’t line up to buy a gold Watch anytime soon. But gold-plating a regular stainless steel Apple Watch model might be a solid alternative, and the nofollowing video will show you just how impressive these aftermarket options can be. DON’T MISS: Leak: This is Flow, Microsoft’s unreleased ’email killer’ for the iPhone For $399, 9to5Mac’s Dom Esposito had his 42mm Apple Watch and link bracelet gold-plated with 18K gold. The end result, as you’ll see in the nofollowing images, is gorgeous — especially since a gold link (...) (BGR News)
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    Unisys launches its long-awaited Dorado ClearPath 8300 Intel-based systems to enable its clients to enter the software-defined data center in a big way. (ZDNet)
  • 19:55
    The new device will run the latest version of Android, 5.0 Lollipop, but does the LG name justify a higher price than AT&T's own branded tablet with similar specs? (ZDNet)
  • 17:16
    While browsing through the Microsoft Store I stumbled across a Windows Phone priced at just $199. It turns out that the BLU Win HD LTE impressed me over the past week and is a device to consider. (ZDNet)
  • 16:11
    Northrop Grumman has a new idea for exploring Venus. Announced earlier this month, the Venus Atmospheric Maneuverability Platform (or VAMP) would let NASA skim Venus's upper atmosphere with an inflatable aircraft, deployed from space. Since the craft is self-inflated, it would be light enough to stay aloft with little to no energy, but still be maneuverable enough to navigate Venus's significant atmospheric winds and durable enough to withstand the sulfuric acid in the atmosphere. The VAMP is designed for NASA's New Frontiers program, which looks for innovative approaches to (...) (The Verge)
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    Time Warner Cable Inc is nearing an agreement to be acquired by smaller peer Charter Communications Inc for about $55 billion, combining the second and third largest U.S. cable operators, people familiar with the matter said on Monday. The cash and stock deal values Time Warner Cable at $195 per share, according to the sources, and comes just one month after Comcast Corp dropped its $45.2 billion merger agreement with Time Warner Cable, clinched in February 2014, over antitrust concerns. Time Warner Cable shares closed Friday at (...) (Reuters)
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    Of all the shows premiering this fall, few are getting as much buzz as Supergirl, the first comic book show to land on CBS. Two weeks ago, CBS released an extended 6-minute trailer for the series, but last Friday the entire pilot leaked online in full HD. Originally scheduled to premiere in November, torrent users the world over can watch the episode right now. MORE LEAKS: This is Flow, Microsoft’s unreleased ’email killer’ for the iPhone Of course, we don’t condone piracy, but considering the timing of the leak, it’s hard not to at least consider the fact that this might be a clever ploy by CBS (...) (BGR News)
  • 20:53
    The next time your mind wanders, you might be able to regain your focus if you turn your gaze on a specific type of image, says research out of the University of Melbourne. (CNET)
  • 20:35
    Let’s hope BlackBerry CEO John Chen hasn’t already blown through the massive $85.8 million compensation package he received in fiscal 2014. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Chen’s compensation for fiscal 2015 has fallen to “only” $3.4 million, although the Journal notes that all but $1 million of last year’s compensation “was from restricted shares that vest over five years starting from Mr. Chen’s hiring in November 2013.” FROM EARLIER: Pirate’s paradise: cCloud TV streams HBO, ESPN and 50 other live channels for free Chen has done a very good job of stabilizing BlackBerry’s finances, which were (...) (BGR News)
  • 20:30
    GM-owned Cadillac is partnering with Shanghai OnStar on a new in-car online entertainment system plus supporting smartphone and Apple Watch app. Unveiled at CES Asia on Monday, the new system will be the first of its kind in China and will offer connection speeds of up to 10 times faster than current 3G in-car networks. Cadillac also unveiled the MyCadillac app for smartphones and the Apple Watch which will go live later this year in China and will allow users to remotely lock and unlock their car's doors, remotely start the engine and check fuel (...) (AFP Relax News)
  • 20:28
    Charter courting Time Warner Cable again, this time offering $55 billion in cash and stock, according to the Wall Street Journal. (CNET)
  • 20:26
    For just 89 cents, you can put a lightbulb in your pocket that will add a glow to summer gatherings -- and maybe even win you a bet or two. (CNET)
  • 20:10
    With Apple set to unveil a new music streaming service next month at WWDC, Touch ID may very well be the company’s unsung hero and most strategic asset in convincing users to sign up for what will reportedly be a $10/month subscription. While precise details surrounding Apple Music remain murky, early reports suggest that Apple will offer new users of its streaming music service a free 1-3 month trial. While that will undoubtedly convince millions of users to give the service a spin, convincing users of any free or ad-supported service to opt for a monthly subscription plan is extremely (...) (BGR News)
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    Google has given the axe to the stock Android Email app. Jack Wallen takes on the future of email on the Android platform and what options users have. (TechRepublic)
  • 19:54
    Microsoft has been previewing some updates to its music and video apps for Windows 10 recently, but it looks like bigger changes are on the way. The software giant has revealed a new look and feel for what appears to be an upcoming release of the music app for Windows 10. A screenshot posted on Microsoft's support site shows a dark themed app that looks very similar to Spotify. (The Verge)
  • 19:48
    Online retail giant will cease funneling sales through low-tax Luxembourg, a strategy seen as a tax-avoidance effort. (CNET)
  • 19:45
    With a few weeks to go until Apple unveils the future of its iOS and OS X operating systems, several details have already been leaked about the upcoming releases. One of the most interesting features detailed in recent reports concerns iOS 9, as Apple is apparently working to make it run much more smoothly on older iPhones and iPads. DON’T MISS: Android M and Nexus updates: The good, the bad and the ugly The oldest devices that iOS 8 can run on are the iPhone 4s and iPad 2, although many people who own either model have complained of several performance and battery issues affecting their (...) (BGR News)
  • 19:20
    It’s not Black Friday, but it’ll have to do for now. Great technology deals are popping up all over the Internet today in celebration of Memorial Day, including a 50% sitewide sale at Zagg.com. You might not recognize the name, but Zagg is responsible for the popular InvisibleShield line of smartphone and tablet screen protectors. MORE SAVINGS: 9 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free today Apart from the InvisibleShield protectors for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Galaxy S6, S6 edge and about a dozen other smartphone and tablet models, Zagg also sells keyboards for each and every iPad, cases (...) (BGR News)
  • 18:55
    Wondering why everything seemed a little off over the past few months? It might have had something to do with the fact that Bad Lip Reading has been off the map since January, but over the weekend, the team behind some of the funniest videos on the Internet returned with their take on The Avengers. DON’T MISS: Revealed: The creepiest Google product ever In this edition of BLR, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes becomes Earth’s Most Southern Heroes in Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights, one of the more creative videos the team has ever put together. It’s basically a mashup of The Avengers and Duck Dynasty, (...) (BGR News)
  • 18:30
    BGR was one of the first sites to call BlackBerry’s coming downfall, and we gave the world an unprecedented inside look at the company’s decline. At one point, we even became an outlet for executives at the company to anonymously plead with the company’s top brass in an effort to turn things around. Of course, those pleas fell on deaf ears and the company came crashing down around them. BlackBerry is now a shell of its former self, and the company continues to struggle to find its place in the industry. Adding insult to injury, BlackBerry has to relive its toppling yet again thanks to the (...) (BGR News)
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    Charter Communications is closing in on a deal to acquire Time Warner Cable, according to Bloomberg. The proposed deal would see Charter paying $195 a share in cash and stock to purchase Time Warner Cable — which is currently valued at $48 billion. This is the fourth time in the last three years Charter has attempted to purchase Time Warner Cable. Last year's $37 billion offer was perceived as a below market deal by Time Warner Cable, and was ultimately turned down in favor of Comcast's $45 billion (...) (The Verge)
  • 18:05
    The iPhone 6 has one of the best smartphone cameras in the world even though it only delivers a resolution of 8 megapixels. With this in mind, we can’t wait to see what the iPhone 6s’s camera will be able to do if it gets an upgrade to 12 megapixels. DON’T MISS: Former Android diehard ‘never looking back’ after switch to iPhone 6 – find out why G for Games points us to a new report posted on Chinese website Feng that claims Apple will use a Sony 12-megapixel camera sensor that will also feature PenTile RGBW technology. For those of you who don’t know, RGBW technology adds an extra white subpixel to (...) (BGR News)
  • 17:03
    Cloud and mobile computing make IT compliance more complicated and demanding. Here's what it takes to satisfy the required regulatory oversight of data. (TechRepublic)

Boing Boing

hack a day

  • 19:00
    Feeling nostalgic? Miss the solid feel of an original Nintendo Game Boy? You could smash a window with one and keep playing Pokemon the whole time!  Well, [Raz] was, and he built what might just be the biggest Gameboy ever. Gameboy XXL: The Texas Edition. Actually, it was commissioned for a Belgian music festival called Nintendoom — picture video game music + rave. Anyway, the organizer thought it would be so cool to have a giant functional Game Boy, so [Raz] got to work. He made it out of 10 square meters of 3mm thick MDF, which he laser cut into shape at the Brussels FabLab. The (...) --



  • 18:21
    The Best Memorial Day Deals: Dress Your Kitchen in All-Clad, and More - Shane Roberts, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shane Roberts, Commerce Team to Lifehacker Lifehacker
    So what exactly makes these so much better than the cheap pots and pans you bought in college? The secret is their three-layer construction that sandwiches a layer of fast-heating aluminum inside two layers of layer of durable and heat-retaining stainless steel. That means your pans get hot fast, stay hot longer, and distribute heat very evenly. If you find yourself reading Skillet or Foodspin with any regularity, you’ll love these. [Emeril by All-Clad Tri-Ply 12-Pc Stainless Cookware Set, $155] Read (...) -- , ,

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Wired News: Top Stories


  • 19:20
    Athletes are generally known for their impressive coordination. But these Hurricanes rugby players may go down in high-five hall of fame for their complete lack of palm-to-palm contact while celebrating their team's 29-5 Super Rugby win over the Blues. High five, beard! Good work today One-man baby band is the cutest thing in rock music Drone video of bridge washed out by floods in Texas Watch Dave Grohl act like a teenager as he joins Paul McCartney onstage Fan runs onto French Open court in search of ultimate Federer selfie Read more... More about Viral Videos, Watercooler, (...) -- Viral Videos, Watercooler, Videos, Sports, High Fives
  • 18:23
    Twitter has used new rules about violent threats to crack down on an infamous conservative troll Twitter suspended the account of Charles C. Johnson on Sunday after he posted that he had begun to solicit donations that would go toward "taking out" DeRay McKesson, a civil rights activist So, I woke up to this. Hate is organized in America. & yes, I take this as a serious threatpic.twitter.com/V0zThcJJs6 — deray mckesson (ⓐderay) May 24, 2015 Johnson, who runs GotNews, a blog on which he publishes stories and regularly solicits donations, is well-known for his outrageous at times (...) -- Twitter, Twitter Policies, Business, Media
  • 18:09
    Step aside Rolling Stones, this one-man baby band has got you beat Jonah Penna, an 8-month-old L.A. resident, is putting rock stars decades older than him to shame with his musical abilities, playing the mini-piano, guitar, drums and tambourine all on his own. OK fine, he may have had some help from his dad Joe (YouTuber MysteryGuitarMan). Rock on, little man. [H/T Buzzfeed] Watch Dave Grohl act like a teenager as he joins Paul McCartney onstage Drone video of bridge washed out by floods in Texas Fan runs onto French Open court in search of ultimate Federer selfie A super-buff (...) -- Viral Videos, Cute Kids, Watercooler, Videos
  • 17:56
    A line of storms that stretched through the nation's mid-section produce destructive floods in parts of Texas over the weekend. Here is a drone video of the remains of a bridge that was washed out over the Blanco River just north of Canyon Lake, Texas, and West of Wimberley, Texas. The footage was captured on a GoPro camera carried by a Blade 350QX Quadcopter. Three deaths were reported from the storms Saturday and Sunday, including two in Oklahoma and one in Texas, where a man's body was recovered from a flooded area along the Blanco River, which rose 26 feet in an hour and created huge (...) -- Texas, Flooding, Us World, Extreme Weather, Climate
  • 17:32
    Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has had plenty of opportunities to perform with Paul McCartney. But that didn't stop him from acting like a teenager as he joined Sir Paul's band for a raucous version of "I Saw Her Standing There" Saturday night at the O2 Arena in London The gig was McCartney's first show of a two-month summer tour that will see him performing in his hometown of Liverpool, England, as well as Amsterdam, Paris, Philadelphia, and Chicago Also at the O2 show, McCartney dusted off an odd number from his McCartney II disc, "Temporary Secretary." Fan runs onto French Open (...) -- Foo Fighters, Paul Mccartney, Entertainment, Music, Dave Grohl
  • 15:32
    The pilot episode of CBS' upcoming show Supergirl has appeared on torrent sites 6 months before its planned release, TorrentFreak reported Friday. The series, starring Glee's Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El a.k.a Supergirl, is scheduled to arrive in November. But the pilot episode is available right now on torrent sites, and in full HD resolution no less See also: First trailer for CBS's 'Supergirl' is out of this world fun The 46-minute pilot, first released on torrents by pirate groups Dimension and LOL, seems to contain no visible digital watermarks. Pirated pre-releases are often (...) -- Pilot, Torrent, Leak, Entertainment, Tv
  • 14:59
    JERUSALEM — Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced Monday to eight months in prison for unlawfully accepting money from a U.S. supporter, capping the dramatic downfall of a man who only years earlier led the country and hoped to bring about a historic peace agreement with the Palestinians. Olmert was convicted in March in a retrial in Jerusalem District Court. The sentencing comes in addition to a six-year prison sentence he received last year in a separate bribery conviction, ensuring the end of the former premier's political career. See also: Thousands rally in Israel (...) -- Israel, Us World, Olmert
  • 14:23
    LONDON — Britain's prime minister announced on Monday that non-British citizens who live in Britain will not be able to vote on whether the country should remain in the European Union The question is important because so many non-British EU citizens live in Britain — nearly 2.8 million. Some have argued that they have a right to vote on something so material to their future. Prime Minister David Cameron announced the parameters ahead of introducing legislation Thursday in Parliament to organize the ballot. No date has been set for it yet. See also: Illegal migrants' wages to be seized in (...) -- European Union, United Kingdom, David Cameron, Us World
  • 14:03
    I've often thought that if more of our political leaders visited Arlington National Cemetery the country would go to war far less often. The vast, seemingly endless rows of small white crosses (and other religious emblems) marking the graves of warriors past pierce the heart as reminders of war's true cost. This came to mind a few days ago when I returned to those hallowed grounds, this time to bury my longtime friend and colleague Jerry Adams. He was a decorated paratrooper veteran of World War II (101st Airborne) combat who later was an award-winning cameraman. We had started together (...) -- Us World, World War Ii, History, Arlington National Cemetary, Memorial Day 2015
  • 14:01
    Grab your spatula and fire up the grill — summer is here But this year, don't just settle just for hamburgers and hot dogs like the basics of the world See also: 10 tasty margarita recipes to spike up your spring Mashable has partnered with chef and world traveler Andrew Zimmern on Pinterest to bring you unique treats from Zimmern's travels. "I've shared a few grill recipes, inspired by my trips to Cuba, along with versatile sauces and salsas for the table," says Zimmern. "This summer, why not step out of your burger-and-brat comfort zone, and challenge yourself to try something new.” (...) -- Recipes, Summer, Pinterest, Lifestyle, Family Parenting
  • 13:38
    WANG KELIAN, Malaysia — Malaysian authorities said Monday a cluster of abandoned jungle camps used by human traffickers contained 139 suspected graves as well as barbed-wire pens likely used to cage migrants, shedding more light on a regional trade that preyed on some of Southeast Asia's most desperate people. National police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said forensics experts were exhuming the suspected graves found at 28 vacated camps in the hilly jungle area on the border with Thailand where trafficking syndicates were known to operate. See also: Myanmar rescues hundreds of migrants from (...) -- Us World, Malaysia, Human Traffickers, Graves
  • 11:18
    When nothing seems to go your way, it doesn't matter if you're currently in the White House, meeting President Obama: You just wanna let the world know how you feel That's exactly what Claudia Moser, daughter of White House correspondent Laura Moser, did during Passover dinner. Official White House photographer Pete Souza captured a photograph of the little girl face down on the floor, being genuinely unhappy with the world, oblivious to the presence of the President and the First Lady My daughter is an Internet meme! pic.twitter.com/eiuMMejkGs — laura moser (ⓐlcmoser) May 21, 2015 (...) -- White House, Us, Watercooler, President Barack Obama, Tantrum
  • 09:45
    The man who took 18 people hostage at a Sydney cafe last year was educated and erratic, secretive about his own life and public about his many grievances, and a self-obsessed fabulist who grew increasingly defiant as he edged closer to launching his deadly attack, lawyers told an inquest Monday. The details of Man Monis' life and death are being examined at a coroner's inquest into December's siege at the Lindt Cafe, in which a shotgun-wielding Monis took customers and workers captive and made a series of demands, including that he be delivered a flag of the Islamic State group. The (...) -- Australia, Us World, Sydney Siege
  • 09:29
    Public servants in Australia have been warned: Take off your onesie and leave your Ugg boots at home. The good times are over The strict dress code for Immigration Department employees has been highlighted in a Senate Estimates hearing on Monday in Canberra. Also on the way out are items such as thongs (flip flops), T-shirts and jeans See also: A super-buff kangaroo has been stalking an Australian suburb An official from the Immigration Department Jan Dorrington outlined the new policy to the Senate committee. "There are certain things that wouldn't constitute professional business (...) -- Australia, Us World, Ugg Boots, Onesie
  • 09:16
    A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has shaken Japan's capital Tokyo just before 2:30 p.m. local time Monday The epicenter hit the Saitama prefecture, and was felt in the surrounding areas of Tokyo, according to Japan's Meteorological Agency. It measured 50km deep, but no tsunami alert has been registered See also: 17 majestic mountains that will have you packing your bags There have been no immediate reports of damage or injuries, but the quake shook buildings and caused the subway to halt. Tokyo's mobile phone warning system alerted residents throughout the city In 2011, Japan suffered a (...) -- Earthquake, Japan, Us World, Climate
  • 07:21
    Roger Federer is not happy with security at the French Open After his winning match against Colombia's Alejandro Falla on Sunday, the Swiss star was faced with an eager fan on center court. Feds appeared to not want a part in the happy snap, gesturing to security to remove the man Federer made his feelings clear at a press conference nofollowing the incident: "I'm not happy about it. Obviously, not one second I'm happy about it," he told the media. "It happened yesterday in the practice, too. Just a kid, but then three more kids came. And today on center court, where you would think this (...) -- Australia, Roger Federer, Watercooler, Videos, French Open
  • 06:23
    UPDATED: Monday, May 25, 3 p.m.: Tatts Group issued a statement. An Australian man is accused of doing the unthinkable — running off with his syndicate's Lotto win, worth more than A$16 million Former courier driver, Gary Baron, received A$20 a week from 15 colleagues as part of an arrangement to purchase Tattslotto tickets in Geelong, Victoria. In a Powerball jackpot draw in October, the group believes they won A$16.6 million but that Baron ran off with the stash, according to The Age. See also: Male gorilla kills female gorilla in 'unprecedented' attack at Melbourne Zoo The Herald (...) -- Australia, Us World, Lotto, Tatts Lotto
  • 06:23
    Over the weekend, a number of Australian and New Zealand Netflix customers were charged multiple times by the U.S. streaming video company in an apparent billing error. Netflix users took to social media to voice their concerns, with some complaining the excessive subscription charges had drained their bank account. See also: The Netflix Tax: How to avoid the government's tax on fun #Netflix please fix your billing issues, I got charged $11.99/month 11 times until my bank goes insufficient fundspic.twitter.com/k2acEBmxUL — David (ⓐDave2307) May 24, 2015 If you use Netflix Australia (...) -- Netflix, Australia, Us World
  • 05:36
    Game of Thrones season 5 hasn't been the show's strongest — one might argue it's been the worst by far — but at least Episode 7, "The Gift," had a couple of fun scenes. Unsurprisingly, the best was the moment when Cersei finally got what was coming to her as the High Sparrow played his hand. He had her dragged off to a cell that will soon have as much shit and bitterness inside it as Margaery's, and that's something at least. See also: 'Game of Thrones' will not stop doing horrible things to Sansa Stark It's worth revisiting that scene one more time just to watch the look on her face. (...) -- Entertainment, Tv, Game Of Thrones, Recaps, Game Of Thrones Season 5
  • 04:47
    A female gorilla has died at Melbourne Zoo after a young male gorilla attacked her in an "unprecedented" show of aggression The 33-year-old female, named Julia, was the victim of the assault from 13-year-old Silverback male, Otana, on Friday. Staff monitoring the male noticed he had been showing an unexpected level of aggression towards Julia, before she retreated to a cave for the evening. See also: A super-buff kangaroo has been stalking an Australian suburb On Saturday, Julia was transferred to the vet for an examination, but her condition could not be stabilised. Head vet Michael (...) -- Australia, Gorilla, Us World, Melbourne Zoo
  • 02:37
    Gesture-controlled computing is well on its way to transitioning from fantasy to reality It's most often accomplished via vision sensors that watch you or your hands and track your movement (think Microsoft Kinect for Xbox)Myo, however, is a gesture controlled armband that reads forearm muscle movement to interpret a wide range of intentions. See also: Watch People Use Leap Motion's Gesture Controller for the First Time With its matte-black rubber covering, zigzag bands and block-like contact and sensor modules, Myo, which was designed by Thalmic labs, looks less like an (...) -- Motion Control, Tech, Gadgets, Mobile, Gestures
  • 02:35
    Actress and comedian Anne Meara, whose work as one half of comic duo Stiller & Meara helped launch a 60-year career in film and TV, has died. She was 85. Meara first rose to stardom performing comedy with her husband Jerry Stiller in the 1960s, making frequent appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and other variety shows. She went on to appear in dozens of film and TV roles, including a longtime role on All My Children and recurring appearances on Rhoda, Alf, Sex and the City and The King of Queens. See also: John Nash, 'A Beautiful Mind' mathematician, and wife killed in car crash (...) -- Comedy, Ben Stiller, Us World, Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller
  • 01:51
    The Syrian army is deploying troops in areas near the ancient town of Palmyra in apparent preparation for a counterattack to retake it from the Islamic State group, an official said. Gov. Talal Barazi of the central province of Homs, which includes Palmyra, told The Associated Press Sunday that IS members have "committed mass massacres in the city of Palmyra" since they captured it on Wednesday. He said IS fighters took many civilians, including women, to unknown destinations. See also: The heartbreaking effects that humans have on our planet Activists in the town have said that IS (...) -- Syria, Us World, Islamic State
  • 00:32
    While the first HomeKit-compatible accessories finally get ready to ship, developers have had a good bit of time to tinker around with Apple's software tools to support the platform. There are still a lot of unknowns about how Apple's smart home framework will connect devices and if there could be a Home app to act as a control center on iOS devices. But let's get a closer look at how developers are readying for Apple's HomeKit connected-home ecosystem See also: How the first Apple HomeKit products will work In the video above, iOS engineer Thaddeus Ternes discusses whether we should (...) -- Apple, Ios, Tech, Apps Software, Dev Design
  • 00:28
    A surprisingly buff kangaroo has been hanging out in a neighbourhood of Brisbane, Australia, intimidating locals on the golf course, flexing and generally impressing everyone with his massive physique. Nicknamed "Big Buck," the animal looks to be around 2 metres tall and could weigh up to 95 kilograms — in other words, this guy is super swoll. "He's very intimidating, he's a big boy," Linda Hellyer, who spotted the grey roo when walking her dogs, told Seven News on Friday. "We turned the corner and old mate jumped out. He's very big and I don't want to take him on. He's got massive, (...) -- Kangaroo, Australia, Watercooler, Videos
  • 18:30
    Turkmenistan's president should get together with Kim Jong-un On Monday, the isolated central Asian country unveiled a grandiose gold-leafed statue of president Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov carrying a dove and riding atop a horse Officials insist the 21-meter (69-foot) monument in the capital, Ashgabat, was built in response to overwhelming public demand. See also: North Korea celebrates Kim Jong-il's birthday with pool parties and ice sculptures "My main goal is to serve the people and the Motherland. And so, I will listen to the opinion of the people and do as they choose," (...) -- Us World, Statues, Turkmenistan


  • 17:00
    In late March, when a group of A-list musicians gathered in Manhattan to show support for Jay Z’s new music streaming service, Tidal, expectations were sky-high. The music stars, many of the brightest in today’s pop constellation, were selling an artist-owned streaming service that they affirmed would “forever change the course of music history.” Read More -- Column, Media, TC


  • 17:00
    MediaTek, a Taiwan-based semiconductor company, took to the Wearable World Congress floor last week to show off a new way for makers to bring their ideas off the drawing board and into the real world. Priced at just $79, the LinkIt One development kit seems geared specifically for tomorrow’s Internet of Things and wearable tech entrepreneurs.Big Power, Little Chip LinkIt One relies on the Aster 2502 chipset, a tiny-but-powerful system-on-a-chip that boasts 4MB of RAM and 4MB of flash memory, as well as support for Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, GSM cellular connectivity, and more. The chip itself is (...) -- MTMwMzY1NTg3NDAxNTI1MjU4.jpg, Hack


NYT > Circuits

Yahoo! News: Technology News

  • 17:41
    Good news for Time Warner Cable shareholders — it looks like you’re about to get a better deal than the one Comcast was offering. Bloomberg reports that Charter is very close to announcing a deal to purchase Time Warner Cable for roughly $55 billion ($195 per share), a significant premium over the $45 billion deal that Comcast proposed to buy TWC last year. At the close of trading last week, TWC had a market cap of $48.5 billion. DON’T MISS: Comcast’s broadband caps are even more annoying than we imagined Although the federal government shot down the proposed Comcast-TWC merger earlier this (...) (BGR News)
  • 17:15
    If Popcorn Time is the “Netflix for pirates,” a service called cCloud TV is the “Popcorn Time for live TV.” There is nothing legal about cCloud TV, a service that pirates live television stations and allows users to stream them to a wide range of devices for free. That won’t stop people from from using the young service for as long as it can keep its servers up though, and the team behind it announced on Sunday that users can now stream more than 50 channels of live TV content including HBO, ESPN, AMC, TBS, Showtime and more to the iPhone and iPad. And best of all, perhaps, is the fact that (...) (BGR News)
  • 17:00
    Ragweed pollen has made life miserable for allergy sufferers in Europe, and it's likely going to get much worse over the coming years, according to a study published today. By 2050, airborne pollen loads from the invasive species are projected to increase by a factor of four — largely due to climate change — pointing to what the paper's authors describe as an "urgent" need for action. The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, combines two models to predict the effects of climate change, land use, and seed dispersal on ragweed pollen levels across (...) (The Verge)
  • 16:50
    It’s that time of the week again, and BGR is bringing you a roundup of the best new Netflix movies and shows for your streaming pleasure. A lot of your time is wasted by looking around Netflix for something you haven’t seen yet, so this update will save you some precious ticks on the clock. DON’T MISS: Google study finds website security questions are even less secure than passwords May 24th Love and Honor (2013) Welcome to the Punch (2013) May 26th Graceland (Seasons 1-2) May 27th Before I Go to Sleep (2014) May 29th Hot Girls Wanted (2015) Mako Mermaids (Season 3) Be sure to check back every (...) (BGR News)
  • 16:31
  • 16:23
    Happy Memorial Day, BGR readers! You can celebrate the holiday with beers and a barbecue, or you can celebrate by running around to stores in your area in search of the best sales. Either way, you should also take a few minutes to browse today’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. DON’T MISS: This $11 quick charger from Amazon will charge your phone 75% faster (deal is back!) These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or (...) (BGR News)
  • 15:56
    While there is absolutely no question that the MuteMagic is a couple decades too late to find real success, there is also no question that people who do decide to buy it will wonder how they ever lived without it — presuming it works as advertised. The website is a throwback to the dawn of the Internet and the device itself looks like something slapped together using parts from RadioShack, but MuteMagic’s promise is nothing short of a game-changer: For just $40, this little gadget will automatically mute commercials while you watch TV. DON’T MISS: Former Android diehard ‘never looking back’ (...) (BGR News)
  • 15:29
    Anyone who’s inclined to think of Google as a bunch of creepy privacy invaders will likely have their suspicions confirmed by a newly revealed patent that shows the creepiest Google product ever created. Per Engadget, Google’s X Labs team has been working on a “smart” teddy bear that can watch your children and respond to things that they say. As an example for how this would work, the patent describes how “the anthropomorphic device may aim its gaze at the source” whenever a child moves and from there it could “express curiosity, may tilt its head, furrow its brow, and/or scratch its head with (...) (BGR News)
  • 13:58
    German carmaker Daimler is to make software from web services company Baidu available in its Chinese Mercedes-Benz cars as part of a trend of deepening ties between carmakers and consumer technology companies. Carmakers are seeking to extend information and entertainment services available in vehicles, as well as smartphone compatibility, in an era of increasingly congested traffic. Daimler and Chinese tech giant Baidu announced their tie-up on Monday at consumer electronics show CES in (...) (Reuters)
  • 12:25
    ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The United Arab Emirates on Monday laid out a strategic framework for a newly created space agency that aims to integrate various arms of the Gulf federation's burgeoning space industry. (Associated Press)


  • 05:37
    Dr. John Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician whose work included noncooperative game theory, has died aged 86. Known as Nash equilibrium, the theory is used in a broad range of fields, including economics, other social sciences, evolutionary ...

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