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28 November

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The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)


  • 20:21
    Just after the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and the Native Americans came the first Black Friday with ye olde doorbusters. And after the feaste, which did consist of water-fowl, and cod and bass and other fishes, and a great many wylde turkeys, the people of Plymouth did retire. And upon awakening they were greeted with many goodly savings, on itemes of considerable necessitie, and just in tyme for the forthcoming holidaye season! Shoes of sturdy leather were to be had for the low, low sum of a single raccoon's pelt, and milking cow discounts did flood with joye anyone able to (...)

Yahoo! News: Technology News

Seth’s Blog

  • 10:49
    What will you do next? What can you learn tomorrow? Where will you live, who will you connect with, who will you trust? Are questions better than answers? Maybe it's easier to get a dummies book, a tweet or a checklist than it is to think hard about what's next... It's certainly easier to go shopping. And easier still to buy what everyone else is buying. We live in an extraordinary moment, with countless degrees of freedom. The instant and effortless connection to a billion people changes everything, but instead, we're paralyzed with fear, a fear so widespread that you might not even (...)

Yahoo! News: Technology News



hack a day

  • 22:00
    Most of us have heard of Second Life – that antiquated online virtual reality platform of yesteryear where users could explore, create, and even sell content.  You might be surprised to learn that not only are they still around, but they’re also employing the Oculus Rift and completely redesigning their virtual world. With support of the DK2 Rift, the possibilities for a Second Life platform where users can share and explore each other’s creations opens up some interesting doors. Envision a world where you could log on to a “virtual net”, put on your favorite VR headset and let your (...) --
  • 19:00
    Experimenting with embedded Linux used to mean reformatting an old PC, or buying an expensive dev board. In February of 2012, the Raspberry Pi was released, and it has proven to be a game changing platform. According to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, over 3.8 million boards have been sold. 3.8 million translates into a lot of great projects. This week’s Hacklet focuses on some of the best Raspberry Pi projects on Hackaday.io! We start with [richardginus] and the RpiFPV (aka Raspberry Pi First Person View) project. [Richardginus]  is trying to build a low latency WiFi streaming camera system (...) --


  • 22:36
    Darwin, a Japanese Macaque who was found wandering a Toronto IKEA in 2012, needs the Internet's help to buy him a new home The Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, which originally took in the meme-worthy monkey after his shopping excursion, launched an Indiegogo campaign earlier this week to raise funds to purchase a larger property for Darwin and 21 of his primate friends See also: Internet Goes Bananas for Lost IKEA Monkey The sanctuary's planned "new home has 56 acres of rolling hills with trees aplenty and ample space, with indoor and outdoor areas for all our residents," (...) -- Indiegogo, Ikea, Cute Animals, Crowdfunding, Watercooler
  • 21:16
    Demonstrators called for a Black Friday boycott this week to protest a Missouri grand jury's decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Protests began small on Friday, with a few dozen people at different stores in Missouri, and 200 at the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. But they began to escalate throughout the day, as demonstrators tried to get attention from holiday shoppers flocking to stores for sales. Since Monday's decision, protests have taken place in Ferguson and dozens of cities across the United States. See also: No (...) -- Walmart, Chicago, Black Friday, Us World, Us
  • 21:11
    On Friday, Lucasfilm dropped the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. The release date is more than a year away, the excitement is palpable. J.J. Abrams is directing, and Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will all reprise their roles as Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, respectively. See also: 'Star Wars' Producer Blasts 'Star Wars' Myths It's been several years since a Star Wars installment has been on the big screen, and there's no better way to see the profound effect time has had on the series (and cinema in general) than by looking at (...) -- Star Wars, Entertainment, Film, Star Wars The Force Awakens
  • 20:19
    Some people hit the snooze button on Black Friday. While others stood in line at 3 a.m. Friday morning, we've compiled a list of slothful (or smart?) shoppers who caught up on much-needed shut-eye — to make up for all those hours they spent cooking a massive Thanksgiving turkey, naturally See also: 15 Black Friday survival tips from 'The Walking Dead' Maybe they'll drag themselves out from under the covers to go shopping online. Or not. Read more... More about Twitter, Lists, Humor, Black Friday, and (...) -- Twitter, Lists, Humor, Black Friday, Funny
  • 19:23
    We love our pets. We pamper them with decadent treats, dress them for comfort in inclement weather and spoil them with accoutrements fit for royalty. See also: A dog dressed as a bear on the treadmill will get you through this week So it's no surprise that there's a variety of home decor designed specifically for your pet-friendly abode. There's no reason to mess with your home's delicate feng shui when adding a furry friend to your environment. Home furnishings for pets come in almost any color and size, in styles ranging from covert to chic — though it's up to you to keep Fido (...) -- dress them for comfort, covert
  • 19:04
    Black Friday doesn't always have to be about opening your wallet. Plenty of people on social media, especially those who are emphatically anti-Black Friday, have found alternative ways to express themselves on the biggest shopping day of the year. See also: What not to buy on Black Friday Twitter users, for instance, are sending out hashtags to encourage others to forgo the frenzy. After all, logging online to shop on Cyber Monday is a lot easier than pushing your way through Macy's. Whether they're helping out their communities, taking on social justice issues or simply opting to (...) -- Twitter, Holidays, Black Friday, Hashtag, Watercooler
  • 18:43
    LONDON — Once a year, digital radio station BBC 6 Music asks its listeners to wear a band T-shirt to work, and send in their photos. Using the hashtag #6MusicTShirtDay, which has been trending for much of Friday, it's a chance to celebrate those dusty old tees at the bottom of your drawer and rediscover familiar sounds from the past. Listeners and musicians alike jumped at the chance to show off their threads. See also: 15 shirts that will break the ice no matter where you are ⓐBBC6Music Husband wins #6MusicTShirtDay by wearing the ultimate Band tshirt - THE Band. — Silly Goose (...) -- Uk, T Shirt, London, Band, Music
  • 18:19
    LONDON — The Prime Minister has said migrants from Europe will have to leave Britain if they don't get a job within six months and they must work for four years before receiving some benefits. See also: 5 Obama quotes that chart his changing course on immigration In a speech to workers at a JCB factory in the West Midlands Friday, David Cameron, who is hoping the new measures will halt criticism over his immigration policies, said he would take back more control from the European Union We've looked at some of Cameron's statements on Europe and immigration since the last general election (...) -- Uk, London, Immigration, David Cameron, Us World
  • 18:12
    Black Friday is the most infamous shopping day of the year in the U.S. And for Walmart workers, it is becoming an important day to call for increased pay and benefits. By planning online on Facebook, Twitter and forums, organizers have coordinated protests at about 1,600 Walmarts in 49 states, from Ellsworth, Maine, to San Diego, California. The cross-country protests have grown in magnitude since 2012 when just 28 stores in 12 states participated. See also: Police called to stores across UK as Black Friday attracts big crowds The average salary for sales associates and cashiers at (...) -- Walmart, Black Friday, Business, Us
  • 17:46
    The pull for bargain prices is so strong that there's often no escape for shoppers on Black Friday — and NASA cheekily decided to take that concept one step further. While many are clamoring for the best post-Thanksgiving deals at stores, NASA is encouraging people to instead look to space, using the hashtag #BlackHoleFriday. See also: 10 'Cosmos' Facts That Are Out of This World It's #BlackFriday, but for us, it's the 2nd annual #BlackHoleFriday. Today, we'll post pics & info about black holes pic.twitter.com/6npxklEw2N — NASA (ⓐNASA) November 28, 2014 The space agency's Twitter (...) -- Twitter, Holidays, Space, Nasa, Black Friday
  • 17:30
    If you have trouble facing the turkey that you know is objectively delicious nofollowing your Thanksgiving food hangover, try giving your leftovers a little makeover See also: 10 tips for talking to your relatives during the holidays Instead of politely declining tupperware full of mashed potatoes this holiday season, test out some of these recipes that put a new spin on classic dishes: Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...More about Holidays, Lists, Recipes, Thanksgiving, and (...) -- Holidays, Lists, Recipes, Thanksgiving, Lifestyle
  • 17:30
    TOKYO — Japan's biggest newspaper apologized in print Friday for using the term "sex slaves" in its English-language edition to describe Asian women forced into Japanese military-run brothels during World War II. The conservative Yomiuri said in articles in English and Japanese that it was inappropriate to have used the phrase and others implying the women were coerced to provide sex. The newspaper identified 97 articles, including 85 of its own, with "sex slaves" or similar expressions between 1992 and 2013. See also: What if Our Magazines Showed Modern Slavery? It said non-Japanese (...) -- Japan, Media, Us World, World
  • 17:05
    A pregnant St. Louis woman was blinded in her left eye after a police officer on Tuesday fired a non-lethal bean bag round at her car on the outskirts of Ferguson, according to reports. The woman claimed on Facebook that she had to have her eye removed. Dornnella Conner was sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle at a BP gas station on New Halls Ferry Road in St. Louis when the incident occurred, New York Daily News reported. Police had been called to the area after reports of trouble during a night of unrest in Ferguson and across the U.S.. See also: Protestors at several Ferguson (...) -- Us World, Us, St. Louis, Ferguson, Mike Brown
  • 16:30
    A gift really is as good as its wrapping paper. Buying and storing tons of wrapping paper every year can be a hassle. Plus, once you have your gifts ready to give, they all look exactly the same when your wrapping paper is cut from the same tube. See also: 15 fun wrapping papers that will make your holiday gifts stand out Step up your holiday gift-giving with something a little more personal. With so many beautiful and inexpensive ways to wrap presents, your friends and family will definitely want to save every scrap.   Image: Mashable Read more...More about Holidays, Lists, Diy, (...) -- Holidays, Lists, Diy, Wrapping Paper, Watercooler
  • 16:16
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... a Stormtrooper stood, sweating and anxious, in the sands of a desert world. That's how the 88-second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens starts, and it continues with other wild and very Star Wars-like images: an orange beachball-shaped droid with an R2-D2-like head rolling through those sands, all-new Stormtroopers, Daisy Ridley on a new kind of speeder bike, Oscar Isaac in an X-Wing, a cloaked figure in the snow with a fiery cross-shaped lightsaber broadsword, and then ... ladies and gentlemen, the all-new Millennium Falcon, (...) -- Star Wars, Entertainment, Film, Episode Vii, Star Wars Episode Vii
  • 16:11
    UPDATED 2:15 p.m. ET: At 62 years old, Mickey Rourke returned to the boxing ring Friday night in Moscow, beating a fighter less than half his age. According to the Associated Press, Rourke scored two knockdowns against Elliot Seymour, a 29-year-old former California Golden Gloves champion with a 1-9 professional record, before the referee stopped the fight and awarded the win to Rourke. Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke (C), 62, raises his fists after knocking out US professional Elliot Seymour, 29, in Moscow on November 28, 2014. Image: ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/Getty Images However, this (...) -- Entertainment, Film, World, Sports, Boxing
  • 15:30
    Once the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 28, we can officially wrap the turkey in tin foil and break out the Christmas music without judgment In this holiday playlist, there's a little mix of Bing Crosby, 'N Sync and Sufjan Stevens to remind us that Christmas music isn't only songs from the 1950s. We've also embedded a Spotify playlist, below, for you to enjoy. See also: 15 simple photo ideas for creative holiday cards So enjoy these holiday tunes, as you wrap the presents you just waited in line for six hours to buy. Because, let's be real: We need a little Christmas Read more...More (...) -- Music, Holidays, Lists, Songs, Christmas
  • 15:15
    If you're lucky, your network includes a few contacts you can always count on. These are the people who are truly in your corner. They say they'll forward your resume on — and then do. They help you prepare for an interview — and want you to keep them apprised of your progress. They congratulate you on your new job — and connect you with someone with years of experience in the field. That's why it can be so disheartening when you reach out to someone who has always been there, only to hear that he's too busy to make an introduction, or she doesn't think she's the right person to answer your (...) -- Networking, Business, Jobs, Work Play, Career Advice
  • 15:00
    It's not easy to predict what the future of anything may be — including the storytelling industry, which has undergone myriad changes over the last few years. Those who have been able to jump on trends early have reaped successes, while those who have fallen behind have struggled to keep up. See also: Mashable Media Summit: Learn how digital changed modern storytellers' lives In preparation for Mashable's upcoming Media Summit, which takes place on Dec. 5 at the Hudson Theatre in New York City, we asked our audience to make predictions for the future of storytelling. We received more (...) -- Media, Contests, Business, Storytelling, Mashable Media Summit
  • 14:15
    In the year leading up to the release of the iPhone 6, Apple invested more than $1 billion in an effort to make sapphire one of the device's big selling points. Making screens out of the nearly unscratchable material would have helped set the new phone apart from its competitors. When Apple announced the iPhone 6 this September, however, it didn't have a sapphire screen, only a regular glass one. And a month later, the small New Hampshire-based company chosen to supply Apple with enormous quantities of cheap sapphire, GT Advanced Technologies, declared bankruptcy. Recent documents from (...) -- Apple, Iphone 6, Tech, Dev Design, Mobile
  • 13:15
    Alex Murillo leans forward in his seat, sipping coffee from a shot glass and waving his hands as he talks. He points to the screen of his MacBook Pro, explaining the genius behind Audive, the mobile application he is developing that allows users to record cover songs and mix tracks with music enthusiasts around the world. "This is the secret sauce," says Murillo, hitting a key on his computer that fills the air with the sound of a man singing in Italian. "You can bring in vocals from a guy in Italy or you can bring in the flamenco guitar from Spain." Murillo has made this pitch about (...) -- Entrepreneurs, Latino, Silicon Valley, Business, Startups
  • 12:25
    A shooter who was targeting multiple buildings in downtown Austin, including the police department, has been shot dead by police early Friday morning. An officer saw the suspect, who was wearing some kind of vest, and fired, Chief of Staff Raul Munguia told a press briefing. No one else was injured in the incident There was an active shooter targeting multiple downtown blogs, including APD Headquarters. This resulted in an Ofc. Involved Shooting. — Austin Police Dept (ⓐAustin_Police) November 28, 2014 UPDATE: US Marshal tells me there are 30 shell casings in the alley next to federal (...) -- Texas, Austin, Shooting, Us World, Us
  • 12:04
    #justsayin. #truestory. #nature. When a hashtag usage becomes synonymous with social media, you know it's a problem. And while there may be a grain of truth to every cliché — we've all had #justsayin moments — there comes a time when we've just used them way too much See also: 20 Things Your Most Annoying Friends Do on Facebook As such, this is an appeal to find a new hashtag to overuse. We dare you to read these 10 cliches without shaking your head at least once. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...More about Twitter, Social Media, Features, (...) -- Twitter, Social Media, Features, Hashtags, Travel Leisure
  • 11:27
    Protesters went to Walmart and Target stores in Ferguson, and surrounding areas in Missouri, late Thursday calling for a boycott against Black Friday. See also: Michael Brown's family leaves empty seat at dinner table for Thanksgiving The group, which was protesting a grand jury's verdict not to indict the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, managed to get into some stores, but police guarded the entrances to others. This video show's protestors outside a Walmart shouting the refrain "shut it down." Protesters also sang “Back away from the Walmart, back away." Elsewhere, (...) -- Target, Walmart, Black Friday, Protests, Us World
  • 10:41
    Looking to buy a smartwatch? Google has two Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers which sweeten the deal considerably, especially if you don't mind getting a slightly older device. The first one is very straightforward: Google slashed $130 of the price of LG G Watch, bringing it to $99. Though that device, originally unveiled in March, is showing signs of aging (LG launched a new smartwatch, the LG G Watch R, in September), it's still a nice entry into the fast-growing smartwatch world. See also: LG G Watch R: Sharp looks, dull performance Those looking to buy a different smartwatch, a Nest (...) -- Google, Black Friday, Lg, Tech, Gadgets
  • 09:40
    LONDON — Police were called to several stores across Britain as Black Friday crowds gathered in large numbers hoping to get their hands on a bargain Synonymous with the promise of cut-priced goods and long queues, more British retailers are partaking this year in Black Friday than ever before with a host of deals advertised in advance of it. See also: Shop 'til you drop: Big British retailers bringing it this Black Friday Police in Manchester appealed for calm and said that two people had been arrested. A Tesco store in Trafford was closed shortly after the sale began at 12:01 AM Tesco (...) -- Uk, Shopping, Retail, Black Friday, Us World
  • 07:40
    Thanks to the ambition and big hearts of a small group of women, 108 dogs will have new, fulfilling lives far from the puppy mills where they were once trapped. A small group of eight volunteers rescued dogs from a puppy mill auction held Nov. 22 after managing to raise $200,000 in 11 days for the cause. Dubbed "Operation Rescue Cavalier," the mission saved 96 Cavalier King Charles spaniels, seven shiba inus, one French bulldog, two cocker spaniels, one shih tzu and one Yorkshire terrier. The dogs have been transported to vet clinics for check-ups and are safely on their ways to better (...) -- Pics, Pets, Animals, Dogs, Watercooler
  • 06:55
    At the stroke of midnight, Apple went live with its Black Friday deals in the Apple Store These deals will balance your guilt of spending too much money on consumer goods with doing something positive for the world See also: 3 great smartphones to look for on Black Friday With a splash of the color red, Apple is offering gift cards up to $100 when you purchase your new, shiny product. The good bit? The company will make a donation to an AIDS charity organization, Red. The Apple Store update, which was unveiled after a few hours of downtime and speculation, came with the nofollowing (...) -- Tech, Gadgets
  • 05:45
    Thanks to the huge success of Twitch, gaming can be even more social and entertaining than playing alone. Everyone from pros to casual gamers can find a niche in the streaming community, gathering fans and nofollowers to watch them play. Here, we'll walk you through the essentials of how to get involved with the Twitch community — now more than 55 million strong — and start streaming your games from either a PC or a console See also: 'Twitch-speak': A Guide to the Secret Emoji Language of Gamers No matter what your gaming platform of choice is, start by making an account on Twitch. You (...) -- Entertainment, Gaming, How To, Twitch
  • 22:03
    "Don't face plant in front of Brian Boitano." A lifelong figure skating fan raised in the golden era of American skating, this interviewer couldn't reject a chance to talk to the Brian Boitano ... while on ice. Tumbling nose first into the frozen rink, while smashing both my teeth and sequin dreams, seemed worth the risk. So during New York City's first punch of winter weather, on a Wednesday morning before parka-wrapped tourists descended on Central Park's Trump Rink, I met Boitano to talk food, South Park and, of course, skating. See also: The Evolution of Winter Olympics in GIFs In (...) -- Watercooler, Conversations, Sports, Figure Skating, Brian Boitano


  • 20:13
    Flickr Friday: Life At 6 AM - Tatiana Criscione Flickr
    #LifeAt6AM It’s Friday and this our #FlickrFriday theme. The sun is coming up, the sky is pink and brighting up. Some people are waking up and getting ready to work or school. Some are coming home from a party or a late shift. A new day starts and #LifeAt6AM starts to show. Submit your shot in the #FlickrFriday group. We’ll showcase our favorites in Flickr Blog next Friday. --
  • 20:12
    The theme for last week’s #FlickrFriday was #SaltAndPepper. Your submissions were great, we never thought we could see so much beauty in spices! Thank you for your photos! Below you can see our favorites. To see all the other contributions shared for the challenge, we invite you to take a look at the FlickrFriday group. --

Boing Boing


  • 21:01
    No, not "airline" rockets. Ariane rockets. According to The Wall Street Journal, EU ministers are finally about to approve plans for a more affordable version of the Ariane series -- the same family that launched Rosetta back in 2004. What counts as ...
  • 20:00
    It's that time of year again! You know, the one when you have to hand over your hard-earned cash or dole out the credit card digits to get the loved ones in your life a little something celebratory. Lucky you, we've got a slew of great recommendation...
  • 19:31
    Poor OnePlus just can't take a break. Just as the company's busy taking care of its Black Friday promotion, its store opening in Beijing and its India launch with Amazon next week, a close partner decided to drop a hurtful bomb. Cyanogen Inc., the ma...
  • 18:45
    You know those cartoons where the culprit was revealed to be Old Mr. Jones, the Caretaker, all along? It turns out that Sony's been pulling the same trick concerning Fashion Entertainments' e-paper watch. The story goes that the company wanted to cre...
  • 18:00
    Plenty of people have switched to smartphones for their photography needs, but that doesn't mean standalone cameras are dead just yet. Companies like Fuji, Canon and Olympus continue to make great DSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras for photograph...

Om Malik


  • 21:00
    Web/Chrome: Misdirection via URL shortener may not be as common as it once was, but you still find people posting Goo.gl, fb.me, or bit.ly links in comment threads and on social networks claiming it's one thing when it's really another—or worse, malware. Unshort.me gives you a tool to see where you're really going before you click. Read more... -- , ,
  • 20:00
    A lot of us spend large chunks of our day sitting. Although it might seem relaxing, sitting for such long periods damages our bodies . A recent study has discovered a correlation between sitting at work and psychological distress. Read more... -- , ,
  • 19:50
    Give the Gift of Battery Life with this Discounted Anker - Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Lifehacker Lifehacker
    USB battery packs are my favorite generic holiday gift. They're useful to literally everyone, they offer a tremendous amount of utility for a modest amount of money, and it still seems like most non-nerds aren't fully aware that they exist. If you have anyone on your shopping list that could use one, here's a great deal. Read more... -- , ,
  • 19:30
    The OnePlus One, our recently-crowned favorite Android phone , normally requires an invite to purchase, or you have to pre-order and wait for ages. This weekend however, anyone who wants one can buy a OnePlus One, no invites required, orders confirmed on the spot, while supplies last. Read more... -- , ,
  • 17:20
    1 TB of Free Google Drive Storage More Than Covers Your New Chromebox - Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Lifehacker Lifehacker
    For a limited time, Google is offering 1TB of Google Drive space for two years for free with the purchase of a new Chromebook . Buying that storage separately would set you back $240, assuming prices stay the same, so you can actually save a lot of money by buying this $120 Chromebox instead. Read more... -- , ,
  • 14:00
    Everything Is on Sale in the (Black) Friday Open Thread - Liveschedules on Hackerspace, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker Lifehacker
    Hello! Welcome to our Black Friday open thread, where you can bump, push, elbow, claw, and maim your way to the front of the line to score a discount on a flat screen bigger than your field of vision. If you've ever participated in the madness, tell us about your successes and regrets. Or share any tips you've learned on how to score deals with the least amount of hassle and frustration. Read more... -- open thread

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